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The ATL Celebrity 
Children's Mental Health Tour

August 5 - 31, 2022

We would like your company to join our celebrity children's mental health tour.  Our ATL tour is designed to save children's lives. The goal is to help children overcome mental and emotional trauma.  With your support, we can reach 50 - 500 thousand students in public schools in the Atlanta area, grades K - 12.  Parents asked for help and we immediately said "yes".


This is an opportunity for concerned adults and companies to work with us to create safe schools and stable mental health for thousands of children.  This is not a mundane community enrichment program.  Our tour host is D. West, America's leading celebrity youth motivator.  West has had unprecedented success with children in schools and on NBC television for 10 years.  


Firearms are the leading cause of children's death in the United States.  Children do not feel safe in school any longer.  We are losing too many children to gun related deaths and suicide.  This program is a viable solution in the community.  After the recent mass school shooting in Texas, the loss of 19 children, we have to step up and do more to keep children safe.  D. West asked several of his friends to participate: John Austin, Grammy Award winning song writer and producer from Atlanta, Derrick Lassic, Super Bowl Champion, Dallas Cowboys and Bobby Jackson, New York Jets Hall of Fame - Retired with the Atlanta Falcons DB #21. 


It is just as easy to say "yes" to participate as it is to say no.  Company partnership participation is simplistic.  Companies can participate at an open dollar amount (500 dollars - 100K).  It is your choice! If a company happens to be interested in being the sole sponsor of the tour, we are open to that idea.  



• Our sponsors will be mentioned during up coming television and radio interviews.

• Participating sponsors name or logos will be printed on our tour T-shirts and celebrity autograph pictures.  

• All company sponsors will be listed in social media interviews, newspaper and magazine interviews and press releases.

• Companies will be listed on the website as the sponsors of The ATL Celebrity Children's Mental Health Tour.    

Our primary mission, keep children safe.  Our focus, improve children's self-esteem, self-worth and mental health.  We are using our celebrity influence to help children express deep feelings that are suppressed.  Our celebrity host is America's leading celebrity youth motivator, Duane West.  D. West's degree is in Psychology, he uses his degree to helping children overcome depression, anxiety, hopelessness, sadness, suicidal thoughts and anger.   



• Mental and Emotional Health

• Self-esteem


• Self-worth

• Respect 

• Anti-bullying

• Anti-violence


• Acceptance

• Leadership

People said D. West was crazy to pursue a dream to inspire children to live their dreams.  He smiled and continue on his journey helping children in schools and the community.  Today, he has spoken to over 2 million children in schools and has had a positive impact on the lives of millions nationally and internationally on NBC Television.  No dream is too big!  Working with children is a passion, we believe in their future!  We look forward to working with your company to improve the quality of children's lives.

Send us an email, let us know you are participating.  Click the contact us link

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