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Television Highlights


D. West Inspires Teens Back Stage

Out of Control Teen Meets D. West

D. West Inspires Pregnant Teen

Newark NJ, Teens Visit Tough Streets

Teen Wants A Baby Until....

Her Mother Died and She's Acting Out

Teen Hits Her Mother - She Goes To Jail

Powerful Words of Encouragement

Teen Dresses Inappropriate And Stops

Unruly Teen's Mother Has Fatal Disease

D. West Inspires Teen, "You Are Worthy"

Out of Control Teen Back Stage 

D. West Takes Unruly Teens To Jail

Teen Lives Wanton Lifestyle

D. West Talks To Young Girl In Boot Camp

D. West Helps Teens Who Hit Their Parents

Teen Physically Abused Her Little Sister

Teens Visit Trauma Center With D West

D. West Inspires Students In Class

Man's Son Is In Jail, 28 Years For Murder

East Point Police Boot Camp, Atlanta GA

Battered Women In Crisis

D. West Helps Battered Woman

Battered Woman Can't Talk To Her Mom

Abusive Husband Goes To Jail

Husband Hit Her Over 200 Times

Battered Woman Can't Talk To Her Family

Abusive Husband Beats His Wife

D. West Saves Battered Woman's Life

Husband Hit Her Over 200 Times

He Beat His Wife When She Was Pregnant

D. West Helps Battered, You Are Beautiful

Husband Hit Her Over 200 Times

6 Feet 8 and He Beats His Girlfriend

Abusive Husband Deserves To Cry

Racism And Diversity

D. West Address Racist On The Show

Promo Reel

Highlights of D. West on National TV - Tough Love

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