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Bound For Greatness
Mentoring Program Special

We are offering two schools and or school districts in New Jersey a 90 percent discount on our five month celebrity Bound For Greatness student leadership mentoring program.  This generous program is designed to help schools and districts that have limited budgets, Title I schools, disaffected student body, homeless students, special needs students who are at-risk, disadvantaged student population, bullying issues and concerns or low achieving students who are disengaged.  We are helping schools prepare students for success.    


If your school or school district needs long term mentoring support, anti-bullying assistance or leadership, character development support for students, contact Susan Curry, Vice President of Special Projects at  Please kindly let Susan Curry know the status of the school.  For example, you have a limited budget or are a Title I school or you have at-risk students etc.  Share this with your leadership team. 


D. West, the Nationally Acclaimed On-Air Motivational TV Personality will visit the participating school once or twice a month.  Each school visit is one hour.  D. West or Bobby Jackson, New York Jets Hall of Fame will work with a select group of students or a specific grade level and or classes in 20 - 30 minute workshop sessions.  The school can have two participating groups of students, group size 10 - 20 students.  If a school decides to choose specific classes for the leadership mentoring session, each classroom visit is 15 minutes.  Schools can choose 3 - 4 classes. 


This program can start as early as October 10, 2022.  We have over 25 topics of discussion.  You can select 1 - 2 topics of discussion each month.         


Topics of Discussion


• Leadership

• Anti-bullying

• Respect

• Character Development

• Behavior Management

• Conflict Resolution

• Kindness

• Goal Setting

• Discipline

• Tolerance

• Peer Pressure

• Making Good Choices and Decisions

• Accountability

• Anti-Violence

• Anti-Drugs

• Health, Fitness and Wellness

• Self-esteem 

• Mental Health 

• Literacy

• Diversity

• Adapting to Change

• Hazing 

• Anti-Gun Violence

• Gang Prevention/Intervention

• Life Skills

• Career Development

• Importance of Education

The lead host of the celebrity Bound For Greatness Mentoring Program is Duane West, America's leading nationally acclaimed celebrity youth motivator, over 31 years of success in schools and over 23 years of success on national television (NBC TV).  D. West's personal journey in short, he was homeless in the 6th grade. D. West navigated from a homeless, special needs, at-risk student in poverty to a first generation college graduate, to fitness guru, to author of 15 books, to nationally acclaimed speaker, to national honors from the Presidential Council On Physical Fitness and Sports for his work with children in schools, the community and accomplishments in sports, to exclusive endorsed health and fitness personality and spokesperson for Nike, Fila and Foot Locker, to The Oprah Show, to WGN TV Feature General Motors Minority Business Person of the Week, 

to pro football player at age 31, to National On-Air Motivational TV Personality on NBC TV inspiring millions.


The We Care Mentoring Program is not offered year round. The first proactive schools to register for this program receives the 95 percent discounted rate.  If you are interested in this mentoring program contact us.  

Email us your request, we will review your message and email you the discounted rate.


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