Pre-recorded Student Leadership Presentation

Bound For Greatness Program

Leadership, Character Development, Anti-Bullying, Goal Setting, Respect  

The celebrity program is hosted by a Super Bowl Champion, Former Women's Pro Basketball Player and Legend In College Basketball, a Renowned Book Illustrator and Author, a Grammy Award Winning Songwriter and Producer, Former NFL players, Fortune 500 Corporate Executives, Hall Of Fame Football Player, a Registered Nurse, America's leading On-Air Motivational TV Personality, Author and Former Pro Football Player.  There are twelve inspirational speakers in our one hour and 52 minute presentation.

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Topics Addressed In Our Education Leadership Presentation

Leadership, Anti-bullying, Character, Respect, Goal Setting, Integrity, Kindness, Literacy 
Discipline, Tolerance, Diversity, Self-esteem, Confidence, Honesty, Peer Pressure, Failure  
Hope, Gratitude, Self-belief, Love, Life Lessons, Importance of Education, Studying More  
Hate Crimes, Career Development, Time Management, Civility, Unity, Planning, Success
Giving Back, Selflessness, Making Good Choices and Decisions, Friendship, Fear

Disabilities, Learning Disorders, Dyslexia, Adapting To Change, Attitude, Resilience
Emotional and Mental Health, Healing and Pain, Teamwork, Adversity, Hardship, Family
Secondary Education, Sincerity, 
Excelling Academically, Living Your Dreams, Focus 
Aiming High,
Winning Academically, Overcoming Odds and Setbacks, Self Greatness 
Perseverance, Achieving The Unthinkable, Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone
Leading By Example, Willpower, Compassion, Taking Advantage of Education

• Anger Management, Dreaming Big, Homelessness

The Bound For Greatness Educational Program compliments special education curriculum, anti-bullying curriculum, Title I curriculum, student leadership curriculum, character development curriculum, cultural diversity curriculum, social emotional learning curriculum, behavior modification curriculum, physical education and team sports curriculum, alternative school curriculum, special needs, homeless, and at-risk curriculum. 

Our presentation engage students in learning.  It inspires students to work harder, to be leaders not followers, to take advantage of education, to study more frequently, to set goals to improve academic performance.  Most importantly, it helps students become good people.

With the purchase of our prerecorded video, we offer a free biweekly 60 day, 10 minute Zoom student Q & A with Derrick Lassic, Super Bowl Champ and, or with D. West, National On-Air Motivational TV Star.


The Discounted Presentation Rate:

The Elite 12 Speakers Leadership and Anti-bullying Presentation                                         $1,500

This prerecorded video presentation is mailed to schools on a flash drive.