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Our Team

Pro Athletes, Inc.




We are elite professionals in sports,

business, education, public speaking and 

entertainment.  We are a speaking bureau and educational consulting company that 

specializes in the educational, corporate 

and television broadcasting markets.  


Our corporate seminars are navigated by the proprietary Twelve Principles To A Balanced And Fulfilling Lifestyle.  Our lead program facilitator inspires millions on national television.  Pro Athletes, Inc. is a proven leader in leadership and motivation.

Our Leadership Team



For 33 years, Pro Athletes, Inc. has provided short-term and long-term celebrity leadership programs for schools, students, teachers and parents.  The majority of our elite athletes, and professional speakers have overcome many odds and levels of adversity in life to achieve personal success.  


Our corporate team writes conducive at risk strategies for school districts and organizations.  Duane West, Founder and CEO has 26 years experience as a national on-air, motivational TV personality (Formerly NBC-Universal TV). 

Bound For Greatness



Our celebrity Bound For Greatness Program reinforces the significance of secondary education.  It prepares and develops youth early on in their academia life for higher levels of academic achievement, fulfilling careers, successful lifestyles and productive roles in society.


The program reinforces winning attitudes and lifestyle strategies.  Bound For Greatness is helping todays youth set realistic goals that are obtainable, it increases their knowledge, self-esteem and aids in character development.  


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