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Program Topics
Target Audience

• Public Schools K - 12

• All Students/Schools

• Special Needs Students

• At-Risk Students

• Gifted and Talented Students

• Alternative Education Students

• Disadvantaged Students and    


• Leadership

• Anti-bullying/Cyberbullying

• Character Development

• Making Good Choices and Decisions

• Mental Health

• Behavior Management

• Respect

• Kindness

• Goal Setting

• Tolerance

• Conflict Resolution

• School Climate

• Acceptance

• Diversity/Inclusion/Equity

• Dropout Prevention and Intervention

• Integrity

• Gang Prevention & Intervention

• Anti-gun Violence

• Teen Relationship and Dating Violence

• Anti-violence

• Importance of Education

• Discipline

• Anti-drugs


• Peer Pressure, Hazing

• Career Development

• Life Skills Enhancement

• Parental Involvement

• Teacher Leadership Training

• Health, Nutrition, Sports & Fitness

• Vandalism

• Suicide Prevention and Intervention


• Provide support, leadership, solutions and hope for students nationwide. 

• Connect students to their dreams, goals, 

academics and passion in life.

• Create an educational platform for students

and a learning environment to enhance 

student’s leadership and character development skills.  We want to engage students in the learning process, particularly the disengaged students.  Prepare students for college/secondary education.

• Provide interactive resource for students to express themselves, meet elite role models, discus their thoughts, feelings, concerns, problems, fears and future.

• Establish partnerships with school districts nationally to help provide viable alternatives for students.  Expose students to elite business professionals in business and pro sports.

• Address the systemic issues and problems that challenge and affect today’s students.  

Assembly Programs, Long Term Leadership Mentoring, Teacher and Parent Leadership Workshops



We aim to inspire and motivate students to excel academically.  The primary focus of our program is student leadership, character development, literacy, goal setting, tolerance, conflict resolution, respect, and anti-bullying.  We help children become productive citizens, high academic achievers, and good people.

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