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    Celebrity Anti-bully Program


  Pro Athletes, Inc. facilitate an interactive bullying prevention and

  intervention program for students, grades k - 12.  Our workshops and

  assembly programs address the physical, verbal, social, electronic,

  cyberbullying, racial, religious, sexual and disability bullying.  There

  are student and teacher role playing drama skits “Act It Out”

  incorporated in the presentation.


  Act It Out exercises allow students to learn vicariously through our 

  celebrity facilitator’s experiences and stories.  This format gives students 

  an opportunity to model positive behavior.  Students learn how to 

  respond affectively to bullying situations.  The duration of our short term

  programs are 1 hour, half day, full day.


  The Bound For Greatness stop bullying program help students create a climate where bullying is not acceptable.  We discuss the  

  effects and consequences of bullying.  Our celebrity speakers show target student body/audiences how to stand up and speak out

  against bullying.  We educate students about the importance of respecting themselves, others and being accountable for their

  actions.  We teach students how to deal with bullies with confidence.  Students learn how to report bullying, who to tell and why.


  The duration of our long term mentoring, leadership programs are 2 month, 3 months, 6 months and a full year.  We focus on

  what students can do to avoid/stop bullying.  The celebrity Bound For Greatness Stop Bullying Program addresses the systemic 

  issues of bullying on and off school campus.



  We Address The Following

              • Teasing

              • Verbal
              • Name Calling

              • Social 

              • Physical

              • Relationship Aggression

             • Body Language

              • Emotional


              • Excluding

              • Electronic
              • Disability

              • Cyberbullying

              • Sexual

              • Racial

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