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Welcome to In SHAPE celebrity women's outdoor fitness class.  In Shape full body toning classes are Saturday mornings,

6 am - 7 am in Atlanta Buckhead.  The host of In SHAPE is D. West, the nationally acclaimed On-Air Motivational TV Personality (formerly NBC TV), fitness guru and author.  D. West inspired millions on NBC Universal-TV.  Our elite celebrity wellness classes are facilitated in several parks in the Atlanta area.


When D. West is not taking the lead during the class his

partner, master trainer, Lance Hibbert is in the drivers seat

leading the group.  Lance is one of Atlanta's top personal trainers,

he has a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science and a Masters

degree in Athletic Training.  Knowledge is power, gain the edge

with the elite in health and fitness and motivation.  


The form and technique you learn in our In Shape classes can be

used for a lifetime.  You have an opportunity to get fit with one of

the leading fitness guru's and TV stars in the world.  D. West is

your instructor, your coach, your inspirational fitness leader. 

Look your best, feel your best, live the life you dream.  In Shape.      


Tone, shape, lose fat, inches, weight and pounds.  Ward off heart

disease, diabetes, obesity, strokes, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis,

and hypertension.  This is a great start to good health.  We help

our clients maximize their full potential through positive thinking,

positive attitudes, exercise and healthy eating.  Please wear sneakers and fitness attire.  Bring a minimum 32 oz. - 64 oz. of water to each class.  You will also need a small mat and hand towel.  Keep a fresh change of clothing in your fitness bag and, or car.  Our wellness class incorporates light weight toning exercises.  Thus, be so kind to bring two sets of dumbbells, 5 lbs. and 10 lbs.  Please arrive 5 - 10 minutes early to class.  D. West gives a motivational pep-talk before each class and answers questions.  In Shape's class size is limited at this time.  We will have cold water and Powerade for sale if you need it. 



Wellness Services



• Fitness classes for beginners, intermediate, advanced and pro training.  In Shape, Sunday morning at 6 am is coming soon.

Fitness weight reduction programs, meal plans, personalized fitness programs, assessment and counseling.

• Obesity wellness programs, celebrity wellness advice and fitness tips, and conference call support/motivation.

• Fitness programs, books, and classes for children and men. 

Abdominal training to tone, strengthen, and flatten the stomachSpecialty Area Ab's - six pack, all natural, no weights.

• 1-on-1 Personal Training with master trainer, Lance Hibbert.

• D. West Peak Performance meal plan books and women's fitness books.

• Online In Shape nutritional coaching, wellness guidance, an In Shape Support Group, and phone call follow-up.

• Inspirational pep-talks by America's leading celebrity on-air motivational TV personality who motivates and

  inspires millions.


Register Online


Before you pay online, please email us to see if there is availability in our In Shape class.  Click contact us and send your message or email to us at  Address the email to Susan Curry, Vice President of Special Projects.  When you receive a confirmation from us stating there are openings, you can purchase the classes that are ideal for you.  After you choose the fitness class option that is ideal for you, click the pay online button at the bottom of the page.  Corporations, school districts, hospitals, and city governments can register for In Shape as well.  Must register 4 - 7 days prior to all classes.  Thank you.


In Shape class sizes are limited.  This is an exclusive health and fitness training session with D. West.  Each woman participating in our In Shape class works at her own pace.  D. West will assess your technique, endurance, fitness level, strength, flexibility, and form.  The things you learn during the In Shape class can be used for life at home and in the gym.  Get motivated.  Your health is your life!  Change your eating, change bad habits, change your body, change your thinking, change your attitude.  Shape.


If you are interested in speaking to someone regarding the class, call Lance Hibbert at (404) 375-2393.  Please get a physical before you attend our class.   In addition, ask your doctor if you are healthy enough to participate in our outdoor fitness workout.  We ask all participants to sign our "I'm in shape to participate form".  The In Shape national tour is coming to a city near you!



In Shape Fitness Classes Start July 22, 2017, Atlanta, GA


                    • 1 Class Guest Visit $20 (value $100)          • 4 Classes Guest Visit $80 

                    • 2 Classes Guest Visit $40                            • 5 Classes VIP Member $100



















                                 D. West, Celebrity Host of In Shape                 

D. West Playing AFL Pro Football #42

He's doing what he loves, living a dream.

D. West WGN TV General Motors

Person Of The Week and General Motors

Minority Business of The Week.

D. West Inspires Battered Woman

A battered woman wrote the show to thank D. West for saving her life from an abusive spouse.

D. West Receives National TV Honors

Honored on national TV for his outstanding work

with children, battered women, and families.

D. West On Oprah Show

D. West's appearance on Oprah Show, short clip.


In Shape National

Women's Health & Fitness

Tour Schedule

• Atlanta      • New Jersey   • New York        • Connecticut

• Maryland   • Virginia         • West Virginia   • Forida

If your city, school district, hospital or corporation is interested in the tour, please email us and let us know.  All you need is 25 - 50 women who want to improve their health.  Send your email request to, include the total number of women registered in your area.  We can facilitate the class indoors and outdoors.  Feel free to call us as well.  Click the contact us link.

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