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Author   TV Star   Acclaimed Speaker

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The Oprah Show

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Appearing on the Oprah Show was a dream come true.  I called the show almost every week for six years, no luck!.  Each time I called show producers said "we are sorry, our on-air guest list is booked Mr. West."  I kept calling until I received an invite to the show.  A year after the Oprah Show appearance, I was a guest motivational consultant on NBC TV, and the rest is history.  I secured a long term position on NBC for 10 years. 


The key to success is persistence.  You have to keep trying and knocking until you receive a YES.  Most Importantly, you have to be ready to take advantage of opportunities when they come your way.  When I pursued my dream in television I didn't have a manager, agent, publicist, networking friends in the entertainment business, phone numbers or any referrals.  You have to be dogged in your effort to achieve your goals.  Every year is your year.  No dream is too big.

Youth Leadership Podcast

Elite Business Professional

NBC Television

Duane West was an exclusive on-air motivational TV personality on NBC Television for 10 years.  D. West inspired millions globally on national television, he worked with battered women and children in crisis.  D. West is a pioneer of tough love on national television.  He is a national and international leader in public speaking.

Nike, Inc.

Duane West was an exclusively endorsed health and fitness personality (athlete) and spokesperson for Nike, Inc.  D. West represented the #1 sneaker company in the world for 3 years.

Fila USA

Duane West was an exclusively endorsed health and fitness personality (athlete) and spokesperson for Fila USA.  D. West represented Fila USA for 4 years.

Foot Locker

Duane West was an exclusively endorsed health and fitness personality/athlete for Foot Locker.  D. West represented Foot Locker for 2 years.

Public Speaker And Fitness Guru

Former AFL Pro Football Player

Celebrity On-Air TV Personality 

Business leaders join D. West, National TV Star to keep children safe.  Our topics anti-bullying, youth suicide, mental health, anti-violence, anti-drugs, leadership, tolerance, goal setting, integrity, respect, character, discipline,
anti-gun violence, peer pressure, life skills, accountability, self-esteem

Anti-bullying, Respect, Kindness


Super Bowl Champ

Inspires Students To Excel In School

Derrick Lassic, Super Bowl Champ, Dallas Cowboys RB #25

• Alabama National Football Champion/Bowl Game MVP
• New York High School State Football Champion
• McDonald's High School Football All American


AFL Pro Football

NFL Player Interview

Muhammad Shamsiddeen, Seattle Seahawks RB 24

D. West, AFL Pro Football #42 DB

NBC Universal Television

D. West Inspires Teens Back Stage

Out of Control Teen Meets D. West

Teen Wants A Baby Until....

Newark NJ, Teens Visit Tough Streets

D. West Inspires Pregnant Teen

Teen Sets House On Fire

Teen Hits Mother - She Goes To Jail

Her Mother Died and She's Acting Out

Teens Visit Trauma Center with D West

Powerful Words of Encouragement

Teen Dresses Inappropriate

Unruly Teen's Mother Has Fatal Disease

D. West Helps Battered Woman

Battered Woman Can't Talk To Her Family

D. West Saves Battered Woman's Life

Battered Woman Can't Talk To Her Mom

Abusive Husband Beats His Wife

Husband Hit Her Over 200 Times

The Community Is The Village

Firefighters Help Students


Marriott Hotel GM Helps Students

Kids Olympics

Surgeon Helps Students

Elite Educators, ATL


Principal Inspires 1000s


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Elite Professionals, Pro Athletes & Celebrities 

Super Bowl Champ, Dallas Cowboys

Fortune 500 Company Business Executive

New York Jets Hall of Fame DB

Renowned Book Illustrator And Author

Former New York Jets DL

Former Women's Pro Basketball Player

Grammy Award Winning Song Writer

Former Elite  Vice President Of IBM

Stress Relief Exercise In The Classroom

Muhammad Mo, Seattle Seahawks RB 24

D. West 

D. West - Interview In The Community

Pro Athletes, Inc.,    (404) 399-8805,


Live The Life You Dream!

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