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Bound For Greatness Program

Hello Educational Leaders,

A prodigious number of school districts and schools are planning and scheduling programs for the Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 school year.  We are coordinating the Bound For Greatness K - 12 anti-bullying programs, mentoring programs, leadership programs, character development, behavior modificationstudent leadership anti-bullying school tour and teacher leadership workshops.  You can review our school references at the top of the page, click the References link.  

We are facilitating teacher leadership workshops: July, August, September 2023.

We hosted the Bound For Greatness Program at Lincoln Elementary School in Fairview, NJ 2023; Middlesex High School, NJ 2023; West Essex Middle School, NJ, 2023.  The programs were a huge success.  Feel free to contact Maryann Bennetti, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction Fairview Public School District,, Dr. Gina Donlevie, Principal West Essex Middle School, and Peter Bovee, Assistant Principal Middlesex High School, and Kenneth McDaniel, Assistant Principal Passaic County Tech School (STEM Academy),


Would you be so kind to review and share our Bound For Greatness student leadership anti-bullying school tour, leadership programs and mentoring program with your leadership team.  Bullying is a systemic issue nationwide, children are committing suicide at an alarming rate after bullying related issues in school.  Some students have a proclivity to become more anxious and less tolerant when adults are not in the immediate area.  Thus, bullying related issues are increasing on and off school campuses.  We are proactively offering support and program specials to help school districts keep children safe.


The celebrity host and Founder of the Bound For Greatness Program is Duane West, the nationally acclaimed on-air motivational TV personality, formerly NBC TV, 10 years.  Mr. West is the pioneer of tough love on NBC Television.  He appeared on the Oprah Show and was honored by the President's Council On Physical Fitness and Sports for his work with children and accomplishments in sports.  D. West is the author of The Navigator, a Character Education and Behavior Modification Teachers' Resource Book.  D. West navigated from poverty, a special needs, at-risk homeless student to first generation college graduate, author, national fitness guru, public speaker, professional football player, to nationally acclaimed on-air motivational TV personality.

The Bound For Greatness Program is having unprecedented success in schools and on national television.  Our BFG program was a success at the following school districts/schools:


West Essex Middle School NJ, South Plainfield Middle, NJ; Lafayette Estates School # 25 NJ; Anne Klein School in Guttenberg

  NJ, Lincoln Elementary School in Fairview, NJ; Hopatcong Middle School NJ; Grimes Elementary School Mount Vernon NY;

  Passaic County Tech Schools NJ; Montclair Public Schools NJ; Elizabeth Public Schools NJ; Roselle Public Schools NJ; 

  Pleasantville City School District NJ, West Palm Beach Public School District FL, John E. Dwyer Tech Academy NJ; 

  Passaic High School NJ; 13th Avenue/MLK School, Newark NJ.


Newark Public Schools NJ, Belleville Public Schools NJ; Mercer County Tech School NJ; Carlstadt Public Schools NJ;

  Bloomfield Middle School NJ; Hamburg Public Schools NJ; Westampton Township Public Schools NJ; Thomas Edison Intermediate

  School Westfield NJ; Garfield High School NJ; Long Brach High School NJ; Middletown High School North Nj; Middletown High

  School South NJ; Westside High School NJ; North Bergen High School NJ; Dover High School NJ; Pleasantville High Schools NJ;

  Irvington Public Schools NJ; Perth Amboy Public Schools NJ; Westfield Public Schools NJ; Jersey City Public Schools NJ.


Middlesex High School NJ, Ramapo Indian Regional Hills High School District NJ; Penns Grove High School NJ; Orange High

  Monroe High School NJ; Plainfield High School NJ; Cedar Grove High School NJ; Montclair High School NJ; Montague Public

  Schools NJ; Neptune Township Public Schools NJ; West New York High School and Middle School NJ; Lyndhurst High School NJ;

  Bogota Public Schools NJ; Woodbridge Public Schools NJ; Carter County Schools TN; Atlanta Public Schools GA; 

  Richmond County Public Schools Augusta GA; Colonial Public Schools DE; Patterson High School Baltimore MD.  

Topics of Discussion


• Leadership


• Character Development

• Behavior Management

• Conflict Resolution

• Making Good Choices and Decisions


• Tolerance

• Goal Setting

• Inclusion

• School Climate 

• Discipline

• Peer Pressure

• Mental Health


• Accountability

• Anti-Violence

• Anti-Drugs

• Health, Fitness and Wellness

• Self-esteem

• Adapting to Change

• Hazing


• Anti-Gun Violence

• Gang Prevention/Intervention

• Life Skills

• Career Development

• Literacy

• Importance of Education

The Bound For Greatness Program, grades K - 12.  Our topics of discussion and curriculum align with schools curriculum. The BFG program is interactive, some students are selected to participate during the presentation.  For comprehension purposes, we adjust our programs for K - 2, K - 5, K - 8, 1 - 4, 1 - 5, 3 - 5, 5 - 7, 5 - 8, 6 - 8 and 9 - 12 grade levels.  Schools can select 1 - 4 topics of discussion from our program topic list or tell us what you are interested in and we will bring it to fruition.


Presentation Durations 

• 30 minutes

• One hour

• Half day

• Full day 

We use the power of our celebrity status to engage students in the learning process.  Our mission is to guide students toward higher levels of academic achievement, help students become elite role models, leaders and honorable citizens.  Most importantly, we encourage and motivate students to make good choices and decisions daily.  


If you are interested in the program and would like to review our celebrity discounted presentation rates, 

please email Bobby Jackson, New York Jets Hall of Fame at or click the contact us link below. 

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