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Bound For Greatness Program

Dear Educational Leaders,


Our celebrity Bound For Greatness student leadership school tour is scheduled in your area February 2023 - May 2023.  We are coordinating school assembly programs, workshops and keynote presentations.  Our programs are year round.  We are having unprecedented success with students in schools and on national television.  You can review our educational programs on

The celebrity host of our school leadership tour is D. West, nationally acclaimed motivational TV personality, formerly NBC TV.  Mr. West is a pioneer on national television.  He appeared on the Oprah Show and was honored by the President's Council On Physical Fitness and Sports.  He has over 32 years of success in schools and over 20 years of success on national television.  We have over 25 topics of discussion.  Schools can select 1 - 4 topics of discussion from our program topic list or tell us what your interest is.

Topics of Discussion


• Leadership


• Mental Health

• Character Development

• Behavior Management

• Conflict Resolution

• Kindness

• Respect

• Goal Setting

• Discipline

• Tolerance

• Peer Pressure

• Making Good Choices and Decisions

• Accountability

• Anti-Violence

• Anti-Drugs

• Health, Fitness and Wellness

• Self-esteem


• Literacy

• Adapting to Change

• Hazing

• Anti-Gun Violence

• Gang Prevention/Intervention

• Life Skills

• Career Development

• Importance of Education

The Bound For Greatness Program is K - 12, our topics of discussion and curriculum align with schools curriculum.  The BFG program is interactive, some students are selected to participate during the presentation.  For comprehension purposes, we tailor the program for K - 2, K - 6, K- 8 and 9 - 12 grade levels. 


Presentation Durations 

• 30 minutes

• One hour

• Half day

• Full day 


We use the power of our celebrity status to engage students in the learning process.  Our mission is to guide students toward higher levels of academic achievement, help students become elite role models, leaders and honorable citizens.  Most importantly, we encourage and motivate students to make good choices and decisions daily.


If you would like to review our celebrity discounted presentation rates send an email to or click the contact us link below. 

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