Bound For Greatness Program

Dear Educational Leaders,


We are proactively keeping children safe in schools and the community.  Most importantly, we are having unprecedented success with our celebrity Bound For Greatness student leadership program, assembly programs and anti-bullying, character development, mentoring and behavior management programs in schools and on national television.  You can review our Bound For Greatness student leadership programs on our website.  Share this with your leadership team and school district directors.


Our BFG program is K - 12 and our topics of discussion and curriculum align with K - 12 schools curriculum.  The BFG program is interactive, some students are selected to participate during the presentation.  For comprehension purposes, we tailor the program for K - 2, K - 6, K- 8 and 9 - 12 grade levels.  Our programs are year round.  It will be an honor to have your school and or school district participate in the BFG leadership, anti-bullying tour this year.  


Our Bound For Greatness Program was a success at South Plainfield Middle School in South Plainfield, NJ, John F. Kennedy Elementary School in South Plainfield, NJ, Passaic County Technical Institute in Passaic, NJ, John Riley Elementary School in South Plainfield, NJ, and Lafayette Estates Elementary School in Woodbridge, NJ.  From 2016 - 2022, our celebrity leadership and anti-bullying mentoring program has been facilitated at Mercer County Technical School, NJ.  From 2013 - 2022, our celebrity leadership anti-bullying mentoring program has been facilitated in the Hopatcong Borough School District, NJ.  Email the schools regarding our program and Mr. Benfatti, Principal -  


Our celebrity Bound For Greatness student leadership school tour is from September 6, 2022 - June 15, 2023.  You can choose presentations dates that works best with your school's academic goals.  Bullying in some schools has risen 100 - 200 percent, 17 students were arrested and charged with assault after an out of control fight inside Rome High School in Rome, GA (August 18, 2022).  That's one school, 17 arrest.  We are coordinating programs for the New Year January and February,

Black History Month - Diversity and Inclusion.    


Assembly program durations are the following: 30 minutes, one hour, half day, full day.      


The host of our program and tour is Duane West, America's leading nationally acclaimed celebrity youth motivator, over 31 years of success in schools and over 23 years of success on national television (NBC TV).  D. West's personal journey in short, he was homeless in the 6th grade. D. West navigated from a homeless, special needs, at-risk student in poverty to a first generation college graduate, to fitness guru, to author, to featured wellness personality in Essence Magazine, Source Magazine and Ebony Man Magazine, to nationally acclaimed public speaker, to national honors from the President's Council On Physical Fitness and Sports, to Hot 97 FM NYC on-air wellness radio consultant, to exclusive endorsed health and fitness personality/spokesperson for Nike, Fila and Foot Locker, to WGN TV General Motors Minority Business and Person of The Week, to The Oprah Show, to Florida Bobcats AFL pro football player at age 31, to National On-Air Motivational TV Personality/Star on NBC TV inspiring millions.  


We have over 25 topics of discussion.  Schools can select 1 - 4 topics of discussion from our program topic list or you can give us one to three topics for your presentation.      


Topics of discussion


• Leadership


• Mental Health

• Character Development

• Behavior Management

• Conflict Resolution

• Kindness

• Respect

• Goal Setting

• Discipline

• Tolerance

• Peer Pressure

• Making Good Choices and Decisions

• Accountability

• Anti-Violence

• Anti-Drugs

• Health, Fitness and Wellness

• Self-esteem  

• Literacy

• Diversity

• Adapting to Change

• Hazing 

• Anti-Gun Violence

• Gang Prevention/Intervention

• Life Skills

• Career Development

• Importance of Education


We use the power of our celebrity status to engage students in the learning process.  Our mission is to guide students toward higher levels of academic achievement, help students become elite role models, leaders and honorable citizens.  Most importantly, we encourage and motivate students to make good choices and decisions daily.


If you would like to review our celebrity discounted presentation rates send an email to or click the contact us link below. 

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