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Pro Athletes, Inc.

Hello Director,

I contacted your office personally, because I would like you to participate in our celebrity wellness campaign.   Respectfully, I'm not asking for a donations.  You are an elite professional in your career field.  You set high standards in your department.  Your officers follow your lead, people in the community look up to you, children aspire to be like you.  That's why I am reaching out to you directly!  I have five days to bring 100 elite leaders onboardIf you are reading this letter, it means, I called your office not my manager or agent!  


I am a national on-air motivational TV personality, formerly with NBC TV,  10 years.  As an exclusive celebrity motivational personality on the Maury Show. I was an exclusive celebrity motivational personality on the Maury Show.  I took out of control teens to visit jails, morgues, trauma centers, and hard core inner-city neighborhoods to help them understand there are consequences associated with their actions.    


I am fortunate to have a national platform to inspire millions, particularly disobedient youth.  With that said, most people who watched me on television didn't know I am a fitness personality; Lawrence Taylor, New York Giants, NFL Hall of Fame endorsed my first fitness best selling fitness book.  I have a healthy meal planning book that aids in fat reduction, toning, firming, weight reduction and goal setting.  I would you to participate and ask several of your staff members to join you.  If only one person in your office participates the program is a success.  


Chief Tom Gardner, East Point Police Department had over 30 officers participate in the program several years ago.  Please email, Major Shawn Buchanan, East Point Police Department regarding my wellness program.  If your office is in the Atlanta area I will personally drop-off the meal plan books this week. 

When 50 people register for the wellness campaign, I host a free educational workshop at a disadvantaged school in the community.  Bobby Jackson, New York Jets Hall of Fame and Derrick Lassic, Super Bowl Champ, Dallas Cowboys RB #25 are participating.  Due to the coronavirus US State of Emergency, schools have shifted to online lessons at home.  Therefore, we have adjusted our schedules to accommodate online presentations support in schools.   

As you get fit, I inspire thousands of students in schools.  This is a win-win campaign for you, your staff, the children and schools.  I look forward to working with you and your staff.  Thanks in advance for participating.  Have an amazing day.


Best regards,


Duane West 

National On-Air TV Personality

CEO of Pro Athletes, Inc.

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