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  Student Leadership


  Literacy is an essential component in the celebrity Bound For Greatness Leadership

  Program.  Enhancing the reading and writing skills of students is a major goal and

  objective of our program.  The first five minutes of our leadership workshop/class is

  dedicated to student reading and writing skills.  Every session, at the beginning of  

  class,studentsinourBFGprogramaregivenafiveminutewritingassignments.  This writing

  strategy aids in student discussion, discipline, focus, and academic readiness.  We

  help students understand the value and importance of literacy.  We infuse creative

  topics of discussion to broaden students awareness and understanding of the power

  of literacy in their daily lives.  Literacy is a priority in the BFG leadership program.

  Failure is not an option, we expect students to become high achievers.


  According to recent research on mentoring, evidence strongly suggests that mentoring is perhaps one of the most cost effective

  interventions available for school-based and community-based programs.  Studies have consistently shown youngsters who are

  raised by single parents have much greater difficulty succeeding in school and are far more likely to experience poverty,

  homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, become teen parents, victims of crime, and get arrested.  For these young people the impact

  often lasts a lifetime.


  Literacy Is Essential



  The Bound For Greatness Leadership Program facilitates open dialogue, group and one-on-one leadership discussions.  We address  

  students’ emotional, social and psychological development.  We facilitate parental involvement support, counseling, workshops and

  coaching.  Some of our programs have in-home follow up visits, parent conference calls, and online parenting support.  BFG provides

  a safe, trusting and encouraging learning environment for sudents to express themselves, their fears, issues and concerns.  The BFG

  program is helping students value education, their lives and the lives of others.  BFG students have made substantial improvements in

  their academic performance, behavior and levels of tolerance.  We improve parent teacher (administration) relationships, student

  teacher relationships, student parent relationships and the social climate in schools.


  Children's first mentors are their parents.  A boy’s first male mentor should be his father and other men in his family.  BFG's celebrity   leaders are seizing the opportunity to fill the massive void of absent fathers and male role models in the community. 

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