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School-Based Leadership Coaching


This intensive leader to leader coaching is most effective when it spans an entire

school year with monthly visitations. It includes an evaluation of and coaching in:


• Daily principal practice and school climate.
• Effective leadership and supervisory skills.
• Using data to improve student achievement and performance.
• Visitation options may provide school/classroom walkthroughs, data analysis of

  student performance, observation of staff meetings and school assemblies, parent and

  teacher conference observations and attendance at family/community involvement activities.  

  The coaching style can include collaboration, facilitation and/or instruction based on the relevance of the situation.


Improving School Climate


In this less intensive intervention, duration is very flexible based on need. The three dimensions that influence how students and staff feel about their school will be explored in depth. They are the physical dimension, the social dimension and the academic dimension. 

This coaching intervention includes the administration and analysis of a pre/post climate questionnaire and strategies to improve areas of concern.


Effective School Leadership


This is a condensed coaching intervention that focuses on school-level factors, (viable curriculum, parent/community involvement, a safe and orderly environment, and collegiality) teacher-level factors, (instructional strategies, classroom management, and lesson planning) and student-level factors (home environment, background knowledge, and motivation).


Using Data to Improve Student Achievement and Performance


This is a condensed coaching intervention that focuses on the school leader's knowledge of; effective instructional practices, effective curricular practices, effective assessment practices and effective classroom practices.  The leader will learn additional strategies to incorporate all of the data, then analyze it and use it to improve student achievement.


All of the coaching interventions employ a site-specific approach that is designed to meet the needs and context of a given school.  

Teacher workshops are also available on related interventions including; student management, parent/community involvement, instructional strategies, lesson planning, and using data to improve student achievement. 





Educational Specialist/Team Leader
Retired Assistant Superintendent of Montclair

Public Schools, NJ




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