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                   Parental Involvement



Motivational Workshops and Support For Today’s Parents

Leadership, respect and student achievement starts in the home.  Our workshops inspire parents to reinforce educational skills and knowledge that their children learn in school.  We discuss the importance of leading by example, devoting quality time to their children’s emotional, psychological, academic and social development.  Parents are motivated to establish harmonious relationships with teachers and administrators.  Most importantly, with urgency, our celebrity speaker encourage parents to be more actively involved in their children’s home and school life.  Our mission is to help parents create successful outcomes for their children in the homes and schools.



Coaching, Counseling And Advice For Single Parents

• In-home leadership guidance and mentoring support for boys and girls

• Home visits, phone conferences and e-mail support services
• Strategies to help single parents better manage their children’s behavior

• Career development training and group coaching for today’s parents

• One-on-one parent-child leadership support, coaching, advice and counseling

• Bully prevention and intervention


Build Good Parent, Teacher Rapport


• The art of communicating effectively with teachers and administrators
• Control your emotions - conflict resolution training, advice and mediation
• Problem solving and stress relief techniques to achieve desired results
• Parenting strategies for children with emotional and behavioral disabilities
• Parents are heroes - empowerment workshop to inspire parents to pursue their

  dreams, discover their passion in life, new careers and improve their health/fitness.


Hope, High Expectations And Unconditional Love


• Aim higher - prepare your child for college and graduate school, 4.0 GPA

• Unconditional love - a profound key to long term success and life achievement

• Never give up on your child - tough times pass, position your child for the win!

• Expect nothing but the best for your child - praise, encourage and inspire daily

• Increase Your Participation In The School, your child’s future depends on it! 

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