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Youth Empowerment

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D. West holds candid conversations with young people about things that are on their mind.  Children are given an opportunity to speak out and voice their concerns.  We want to hear what they have to say, any problems they have, emotional pain they carry, trauma they have and are experiencing, academic concerns/issues and their future.  They can discuss their home and family life, mental health, careers, people who inspire them and more.  This is a healthy media platform for children to express themselves.  Children's voices are heard, their conversation are valued, their discussions are taken serious.  D. West provides leadership guidance, tangible solutions and support for todays youth.

Social media is taking children away from reality and their priorities: family, studying, education, morals, values, work ethic, realistic dream goals, careers and productive roles in society.  In addition, it's causing an immense number of young people to make poor choices and decisions in life.  Thus, our goal and mission is to steer students and youth toward positive productive roles in the community.  We promote the significance of education, family, strong convictions, ideologies, morals, values, knowledge, acceptance, community involvement, respect, accountability, leadership, kindness, character, integrity, unity, brotherhood, anti-drugs, self-love, and tolerance.  This type of program helps children live their best lives

Women's Empowerment

Doctor's Appointment
Industrial Engineer
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Real People - Real Talk

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