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           Police Help Kids In The Community







Dear Chief of Police and Sheriff,


We want you to join our proactive Get Fit America celebrity student leadership, wellness and stop bullying program in the schools.  Our police help kids community sensitivity partnership program is awesome.  Officers take proactive action to create academic opportunities for students that wouldn't be possible without their support.  D. West, the Founder and CEO worked on national television with NBC Universal-TV for 10 years as an on-air, motivational, TV personality.  He worked with police officers and correctional facilities nationwide on NBC television.  West took unruly teens to jail and correctional facilities to show them consequences associated with their actions.  Together as a team we will help thousands of children improve their lives and avoid prison.


Your police/sheriff department's name will appear on our Police Help Kids partnership page.  Officers can participate as individual partners as well.  Their full name and the name of the police department will appear on the page.  We would love for your officers to participate in this community enrichment program.  Your partnership support will allow us to speak to well-over 100,000 thousand students.  Together we will lead children toward positive outcomes and their dreams in life.  



Police Community Enrichment Bound For Greatness Partnership Program


The name of your department will appear on our Police Officers Lead Students To Success page.  Individual officers can join us in partnership as well.  Their full name listing with the name of your department will be added to the page.  An Individual name listing is 20 dollars which is the value of our fitness book that they will receive for helping the kids.  Officers get fit, kids get fit and learn leadership skills.  Department partnership options are listed below:


• 6 month Police/Sheriff Department name listing is 100 dollars, your department will receive 5 fitness books.

• 1 Year Police/Sheriff Department name listing is 300 dollars, your department will receive 15 fitness books.

• 5 Years Police/Sheriff Department name listing is 1000 dollars, your department will receive 50 fitness books.


We will mail you an invoice with the books.  Please make all checks payable to Pro Athletes, Inc.  Mail payments to our home office: 2730 N Berkeley Lake Rd., Duluth, Ga 30096.  We appreciate your support with our celebrity youth leadership, wellness, Stop Bullying Tour.  Ask Captain Mallory Jones, Marshall Department, Augusta, GA about our wellness program.  His email address is and phone number (706) 821-2368​.



For immediate references regarding our leadership, wellness, and anti-bullying programs:


Captain Mallory Jones, Marshall Department, Augusta, GA,  

  Captain Jones was a guest speaker at our leadership assembly program in Augusta, Ga.

• Detective Shawn Buchannon, East Point Police Department, Atlanta, Ga.  Number: (404) 761-2177.

• Mark Larkins, New Jersey Independent Comptroller, former US Federal Prosecutor.  Number: (609) 984-2888  


• Lewis Benfatti, Principal, Hopatcong, NJ, and Former New York Jets player,

• Dr. Kenneth Hamilton, Superintendent of Mount Vernon City School District, 

• Dr. Garnell Bailey, Assistant Superintendent of Pleaseantville Public Schools,

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