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                   AMERICAN HEROES

           Create Leadership Opportunities For Students 


Fire departments and firefighters rally behind student leadership, health and wellness, literacy, and anti-bullying program.  They are taking proactive action to create academic 

opportunities for students that wouldn't be possible without their partnership support.  


This is community empowerment leadership support at its highest level, firefighters making 

personal sacrifices in their lives to ensure successful outcomes for our children.  Worthy

news, worthy cause, selfless acts that are above and beyond the call of duty by the men and women who risk their lives daily. Meet the fire departments and firefighters who are going the distance to help children live their dreams and excel academically.  Our children are Bound For Greatness.  It takes a village to raise one child and these fire departments are committed members.



       Our Proactive Partners - "Fire Departments We Care Program"



• Montclair Fire Department, Montclair, New Jersey




Montclair Fire Department, New Jersey.  American heroes help children get fit for life and focus on leadership.

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