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                     GET FIT AMERICA



Hello Business Leaders,


We want you to join our proactive Get Fit America Campaign and celebrity student leadership, health, fitness and Stop Bullying program in your area.  CBS, NBC and Fox News frequently cover our programs in the schools and community.  Several news clips are on this website for review.  There is also news articles and feedback letters regarding the impact we are having with children.


We are traveling nationwide to help children and adults eat healthy and to get fit for life.  The primary goal of our celebrity wellness campaign is to help children, business professionals, parents, and communities improve the quality of their lives.  Our mission is to help students maximize their potential in the classroom and Stop Bullying.  We are calling and walking door-to-door asking businesses, fire departments and hospitals to support our wellness youth enrichment program.  We are having unprecedented success with our Bound For Greatness celebrity leadership, anti-bullying, and character development programs in grades K-12.


When a business, fire department, hospital or adult purchases our Peak Performance - Healthy Diet meal planning book or fitness 

book a public school student receives a fitness book and a self-help leadership book free.  One hundred percent of the proceeds go to the Bound For Greatness student leadership program.  We want hundreds of businesses, fire departments, people, and hospitals participating in our national health and wellness movement and keep our children safe campaign.


When 25 books are sold, D. West or a former pro athlete speaks at a public school or a Bound For Greatness youth leadership

event at no cost.  The topics of discussion are leadership, health and wellness, anti-bullying, goal setting, respect, making good choices, integrity, literacy, character, discipline, conflict resolution, importance of education, tolerance, accountability, life skills, career development, anti-drugs, teamwork, teen dating violence, gang prevention, hazing, vandalism, peer pressure and diversity.


Generally, when people feel good about themselves they are more excited about their lives.  They are energized and productive in more areas than one.  Most importantly, a healthy, efficient workforce and parents create stronger communities.  A productive community, the village, is what our children need with urgency to become future leaders.  We expect to inspire thousands of children and adults.  We are aiming high.  Success starts with a plan and action.  It starts with us, business leaders who care. 


Our leadership campaign keeps children safe and healthy in schools.  We use the power of our celebrity influence to direct students toward academic leadership initiatives, productive roles in society and higher achievement in the classroom.  Everyone one wins with the Get Fit America campaign.  The children, schools, community, businesses, firefighters, and employees all win!  All it takes is one employee, one fire department, one firefighter, one business leader, or one elite business owner to walk with us.   


We include our Get Fit America partners on the website as participating businesses who care about children partners.  Your business name and location will be on the website for 2 months - 5 year.  Businesses and fire departments receive two Peak Perfomance books.  Each book is 20 dollars.  The total cost of the books with shipping and handling is 50 dollars.  The Montclair Fire Department in NJ had all of its stations participate and the program was a huge success.  If you are purchasing one book ($20) and, or are interested in the 60 day business name Ad, please be so kind to call us in 24 hours, we are trying to move one homeless person off into an apartment or a 3 bedroom house.   


We would like to thank you on camera for participating and helping children in schools.  

Some of the Businesses That Care About Children video clips and pictures will be featured on and on D. West's new inspirational reality TV talk show pilot.  Lets get fit

America and keep our children safe and healthy for life.


For an immediate reference, email Captain Mallory Jones, Marshall Department, Augusta, GA, or call him at (706) 821-2368.  Captain Jones has our fitness books,

he was also a guest speaker at our leadership assembly program in Augusta, Ga.  E-mail us

at or click the contact us link below.


Montclair Fire Dept., NJ.  American heroes help children get fit for life.

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