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           D  WEST SHOW

The real reality is this, reality TV is not reality.  Success doesn't happen overnight.  I wasn't discovered by chance walking down the street in New York City or on YouTube.  I climbed the ladder of success like most people do.  I started at the bottom and worked my way to the top of my dream ladder.  I graduated from high school and immediately attended college.  It wasn't easy, it took me six years to achieve my bachelors degree in Psychology.  The average student graduates from college in four years.  Finishing college was most important to me, not the expected graduation date!  Each persons personal journey is different, focus on being a finisher.  I attended college full-time as a student athlete and worked three part-time jobs.  You have to put the work in to achieve the goal.     


Back to reality TV, most people's lives are not as dysfunctional and drama driven as some of the reality TV shows project on the television screen.  I work hard and take pride in doing what's right.  Failure is not an option.  You have to keep trying to move forward.  

Remember, no one is perfect, no one succeeds at everything they do or achieves all their goals on the first attempt.  All of us have failed and will fail at something.  Failure is not who you are it is only an undesired result.  Life continues to knock me down and I continue to get back up and try harder.  That's what this show is about, getting back up and never giving up!


This show is an extension of what I have been doing since I graduated from college.  It is a passion, a lifestyle, my life mission, my gift to the world.  It is beyond a dream, its my legacy.  I am sure you will appreciate the programming.  Don't be surprised if you receive a phone call from me or see me walking into your business or see me standing in your office asking you to join me and to support our children's leadership programs in the community and schools.  I will be calling and stopping by businesses to ask you to join me.


It is time to step outside our comfort zones and achieve the unthinkable.  Stay in touch, tell us your story in a brief email, and share our new show with your friends and positive people.  Forward your e-mail to our show producers at  Success is no accident, this is true reality TV.  It takes a village to raise one child and we are the village.  Let's win together, join the D. West team.

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