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                                 D  WEST SHOW



                                                                                   Duane West, nationally acclaimed TV personality hosts new inspirational       

                                                                                   Reality TV show pilot, the D. West Show.  Although America is satiated with

                                                                                   a hunger for sensationalism and drama on Reality TV shows, D. West's fan

                                                                                   base wants help.  Most people want to know how to move beyond adversity,

                                                                                   difficult situations and drama.  


                                                                                   Each show provides real success stories featuring notable people in the

                                                                                   community who have overcome life's obstacles.  Our commitment is to

                                                                                   redirect children, communities, and families through enrichment, leadership,

                                                                                   inspiration, empowerment and positive programming with integrity.  No

                                                                                   individual TV television personality can resolve all of the world’s issues, nor

                                                                                   can every issue be resolved on a television show in one day.  That is not                                                                                            reality.  Nevertheless, it is possible to have an everlasting impact on the lives

                                                                                   of countless people and the world.




                                                      The Mission




The D West Show TM is not about exploiting people and sensationalizing their stories, but rather using their circumstances to connect them to the kind of support systems that will empower, educate, reform and change lives for the best.  The core of our programming centers around enrichment, morals, motivation, positive energy and empowerment.  The show is in place to build good relationships and to uplift people's spirits.  We aim to create unity in the community, and to help people come together as a village to raise our children. Our show is about helping others with love and compassion, paying it forward.  


A major goal of the show is to show people how to change their condition.  We aim to generate strategies that people will be inspired to emulate in their homes, schools, relationships, marriages, workplace and community.  Most importantly, we want to show people, particularly youth, how to succeed in the midst of life's toughest times.  D. West takes on systemic issues affecting people and children.


The D West Show offers hope, inspiration, leadership advice and guidance, follow-up support for our guests, academic and functional assessment counseling and professional motivational support.  The show tapes in the field, live on the road in the heart of the community with real people and business professionals.  


The host is mobile in action, he walks door-to-door to create positive outcomes in the community changing one life at a time with the unconditional support of many people.  He visits companies, small businesses, churches, schools, mayors, CEO's, hospitals, homeless shelters, prisons, people's homes, senior citizens facilities, police departments, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA's, law firms, medical offices, recreation centers, health clubs, PAL facilities, car dealerships, and educational leaders.


It's the journey of an inner-city kid who dreamed of bringing people together, a philanthropist who set out to be a difference maker in the world whose mission is to connect people of all ages, races and ethnicities.  He connects people to positive causes and to their dreams in life.  Our host delivers hope, action, love and unity in the community.  The D West Show is for the people.  Our focus is on solutions.  Watch positive people and positive programming with integrity.  Welcome to the D West Show.           


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