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Dear Educational Leader:


I would like to bring our national celebrity Bound For Greatness Aim High student leadership program to your university and/or 

college this year.  Our Founder of the Bound For Greatness Program, Duane West, is America's leading celebrity youth motivator.  You can review our leadership programs on  There are news clips from CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox News, feedback letters, a bio, and news articles on the website.  Our Lecture To Remember College Tour is from August 1 - December 2, 2016. Please share this with your leadership team, Provost, President, Dean of Student Affairs, Director of Activities, student organizations.

Duane West navigated from poverty, a special needs, at-risk homeless student to first generation college graduate, to fitness guru, to motivational speaker, to author, to the Oprah Show, to pro football player, to nationally acclaimed on-air motivational NBC TV personality (10 years), to homelessness, to an amazing American comeback story.  West wrote five books while he was homeless in his car.  He navigated his way back to the top of his dream ladder and is inspiring millions again.  “Setbacks lead to amazing comebacks.  When you fall down bounce back up and work harder than you ever have in life to achieve the unthinkable.  You accomplish what is thought to be impossible.” - D. West

A Lecture To Remember by D. West - Mr. West shares a profound story of willpower, fortitude, and dogged resilience.  He discuss strategies to help students achieve long term success despite various challenges that they will encounter in school, business, family life, social life, and careers.  It will be an honor to receive an opportunity to be a celebrity guest speaker at your university/college.

We facilitate conducive leadership support to help improve retention efforts on college campuses.  I am currently coordinating programs for the summer and fall semester.  We use the power of our celebrity influence to direct students toward academic leadership initiatives and higher achievement in the classroom.  More importantly, we prepare students for their collegiate experience and support their transition from students to business professionals and leaders in a diverse global society.  

Our leadership topics of discussion:

• Leadership
• Freshman Orientation Lecture - An inspirational discussion on winning big, planning for success and maximizing full potential.

• Goal Setting, Studying for Success, Succeeding Academically Despite All Obstacles, Challenges and Setbacks.
• Career Development, Internship Opportunities, and Entrepreneurship "Turn Your Hobby Into A Career In College".
• Bullying Prevention
• Drug and Alcohol Awareness

• Sexual Assault and Harassment
• Adapting To Change - Adjusting to college, the social and the academic experience.
• Health, Fitness and Wellness

• Violence Against Women

• Team Sports Empowerment, Leadership Pep-Talk

Real Talk - D. West discusses life, reality, how to secure dream jobs and careers, failure and setbacks, and overcoming odds.

• Navigate From Average Student to Above Average Student in 1 Semester​.  Change direction, raise GPA's, live the life you dream.  
A Lecture To Remember - D. West shares a profound story of willpower, fortitude and resilience from poverty, a special needs, at

  risk homeless student who struggled with reading and writing in grades K - 6 to first generation college graduate, to author, to pro

  athlete, to nationally acclaimed On-Air Motivational NBC TV Personality.  West discuss strategies to help students achieve long term

  success in school, their social and family life and careers.

The duration of our educational program and number of speakers are contingent upon your needs, objectives and programming budget.  Our workshops and seminars are 1 hour, 1 1/2 hours, 2 hours, half-day, and full-day.  We look forward to speaking with you. We can be reached at (404) 399-8805.  Duane West’s email address is  Have an amazing day.  


Best regards,



Management Team

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