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"A Lecture To Remember"

D. West is an elite TV star, fitness guru, entrepreneur and former professional athlete.  He inspires college students to live their dreams, to excel academically and in life.  Most importantly, he discusses strategies to help students achieve long term success.  


A Lecture To Remember is a profound story of willpower, fortitude and resilience from poverty, a special needs, at risk homeless student who struggled in school to a first generation college graduate, to acclaimed public speaker, to author, to pro football player at age 31, to national on-air motivational TV personality on NBC Universal-TV.

Homeless special needs student from poverty defies the odds.

D. West said, "failure was not an option, the struggle made me stronger, now I help thousands of students achieve similar success.  Everyone has a story!  I am fortunate to be able to share my personal journey with the world.  Achieve the unthinkable, nothing is impossible, graduate."

Knowledge Is Power

Presentation Duration



• 1 hour, 1 1/2 hours, 2 hours

• Half-day, Full-day 

• One semester - celebrity leadership mentor/life coaching.

• Two semesters - celebrity leadership mentor/life coaching.

Graduation Ceremony

    Topics Discussion




• Leadership

• Freshman Orientation 

• Career Development

• Internship Opportunities

• Anti-Bullying

• Drug and Alcohol Awareness

• Sexual Assault and Harassment

• Diversity

• Health, Wellness and Fitness

• Violence Against Women

• Goal Setting


• Studying For Success

• Mental Health, Emotional Stress

• Life Lessons and pursuing dream careers

• Team sports empowerment presentations

Team sports empowerment workshops, success in the classroom and in athletics.  Student athletes.

Basketball Game
Womens Softball
Team Spirit
Volleyball Team
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