A Lecture To Remember 



An elite TV star or group of business professionals or former professional athletes, all whom have achieved unprecedented success in their career fields and business inspire college students to excel in life.  The dynamic speaker and/or speakers discuss strategies to help students achieve long term success

in school, business, family life, sports, and careers. 












• Leadership

• Freshman Orientation - planning for success and aiming high

• Career Development, Internship Opportunities, Business

• Goal Setting, Studying For Success, Succeeding Academically

• Drug and Alcohol Awareness

• Bullying Prevention

• Sexual Assault and Harassment

• Diversity

• Health, Wellness and Fitness

• Violence Against Women

• Real Talk - D. West discuss life, reality and dream careers

• Team Sports Empowerment, Leadership Pep-Talk

• Navigate From Average Student to Above Average Student

A Lecture To Remember - D. West shares a profound story

  of willpower, fortitude and resilience from poverty, a special

  needs, at risk homeless student who struggled with reading

  and writing in grades K - 6 to first generation college

  graduate, to author, to pro athlete, to nationally acclaimed

  On-Air Motivational NBC Universal TV Personality.

                                 PROGRAM DURATION



We have 1 hour, 1 1/2 hours, 2 hours, half-day, full-day, one semester and full year leadership workshops and seminars.  The program duration is contingent upon your needs and goals.  Get inspired with D. West/The D Team and live your dreams.