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Against The Odds

At the age of 3, Duane West accidentally drank Drano, a household drain cleaner that contained lye.  He was hospitalized for 2 months without a guarantee of a full recovery.   


Unlike acids, which may burn one layer of tissue before stabilizing, alkaline chemicals such as lye continue to burn through layer after layer of tissue.  Lye can burn through

the trachea.  Dee's trachea, esophagus and stomach were burned badly. 


Miraculously, D. West made a full recovery.  He can talk, his voice is clear, his words are inspirational.  Millions have heard him speak globally. Some people are moved to 

tears of joy and hope.  Today, 

he's a motivational speaker. What an amazing gift after a near fatal accident. 


"I believe in miracles, I was saved by doctors now I partner with medical professionals, doctors and nurses, to save children's/peoples lives.


I am a survivor who lives to inspire others to live their dreams.  This is my second chance at life and I am getting the most out of it.  I love all people, it's in my heart.


Everything happens for a reason. I hope this chapter in my life inspires you in some way to live your dreams." - D. West

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