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Dr. David Whiteman, Surgeon

   Philanthropist and Leader

Doctors and Hospitals Who Care





Hello Medical Professionals:


I want you to join our national celebrity Bound For Greatness Get Fit Kid's Wellness Campaign and student leadership stop bullying tour in schools.  I would love to have you on our team as a participating partner.  Dr. David Whiteman, Southern Plastic Surgery, Atlanta, GA was the first doctor in the country to join our Get Fit Kid's wellness campaign.  Dr. James Chappuis, Surgeon and CEO of Spine Center Atlanta is a dedicated partner of our children's wellness and character development program.  We are not asking for donations.


Dr. Whiteman and Dr. Chappuis also provide leadership guidance, advice and career development internship opportunities to children who participate in our Children's MD Internship - Doctor For A Day Program.  There is no celebrity based educational program like this in the USA.  This program is preparing children for rewarding careers because of doctors like you!


Doctors and hospitals are taking proactive action with our team to create health, wellness and academic opportunities for students.  Opportunities that wouldn't be possible without your support.  Our business partnership program is helping thousands of children in schools and disadvantaged communities.  Our CEO and Founder is Duane West, he works on national television.  

He was with NBC Universal-TV for 10 years as an On-Air Motivational TV Personality.  It will be an honor to have you join us.


The primary goal of our celebrity wellness, leadership, stop bullying campaign is to help children improve the quality of their lives.  Our mission is to help children maximize their full potential in life, the classroom and to Stop Bullying.


We are having unprecedented success with our Bound For Greatness celebrity leadership, anti-bullying, wellness, mentoring and character development programs in schools.  Dr. Carol Whaley, Director of Special Education, Carter County School District, TN said, “I have scheduled speakers for several years and you were by far the most motivating in your ability to touch the students and impact their lives.”  CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox frequently cover our programs in the schools.  You can view several clips on this site.  


We would love for our business partners to attend the school program if your schedule is open.  Our celebrity speaker will thank you in person for your support.  It's important for the children, teachers, parents, and the community to know what you are doing in the community to improve our children's quality of life.


Children work harder when they know there are concerned leaders who support them and care about their future.  The goal of our in person corporate leadership support is to expose our children to positive business professionals.  Elite professionals that students can model community enrichment strategies from.  We ask students to remember you and your support and to commit to worthy causes in the community, now and in the future.  


Have you ever had 100 business professionals walk into your school when you were a student in support of any academic leadership programs?  That is a powerful message of support and hope for our children!  It is something that students and teachers will remember for a lifetime.  In person participation is not mandatory but it is ideal.


Your company name and address will appear on our Businesses That Care About Children partnership page.

Your support will allow us to speak to several thousand students in your state and inner-cities.  Together, we will lead children 

toward positive outcomes and their dreams in life.  This is our positive legacy as a team.  D. West has dedicated his life to helping and saving children's lives.


Partnership Options: Website business name Ad's are 2 weeks, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, and 5 years.


• A 2 week Ad is $50 dollars.  Your name/company’s name will appear on the Doctors Who Care About Children page for two

  weeks.  Your Get Fit Kid's, Stop Bullying Ad supports a celebrity health and wellness, leadership, anti-bullying educational 

  workshops and assembly programs in schools, communities and disadvantaged cities.  If this is your option of participation,

  please be so kind to email us at your earliest convenience.  Forward your reply to  


• 6 Months      $250 dollars.    Your company’s name will appear on the Doctors Who Care About Children page.

• 1 year          $500 dollars.    Your company’s name will appear on the Doctors Who Care About Children page.

• 2 Years       $1,000 dollars.  Your company’s name will appear on the Doctors and Businesses Who Care About Children pages.

• 3 Years       $2,500 dollars.  Your company’s name will appear on the Doctors and Businesses Who Care About Children pages.

• 5 Years       $5,000 dollars.  Your company’s name will appear on the Doctors and Businesses Who Care About Children pages.


All participating partners names will be included in our media press releases.  Your names will be sent to participating schools and cities as the doctors, medical offices and hospitals that made this educational program possible in their schools.  Our 100 Doctors Who Care About Children partners who chose the 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, 5 year option will be included in D West's feature TV profile story and biography about his unprecedented success with children in schools and on national television.  In addition, our partners names or the name of the medical office or hospital will appear inside our self-help educational books for students that are free for children with your partnership support.  The Bound For Greatness Reading & Writing Is Cool literacy program.


We use the power of our celebrity influence to direct students toward academic leadership initiatives and higher achievement in the classroom.  We engage students in the learning process, enhance students leadership skills, improve school climate and navigate students toward productive roles in school and the community.  We help schools minimize the social issues and behavior management problems that frequently occur in the beginning, middle and end of the school year.  Youth teen dating violence and bullying has become systemic issues nationwide.  We are losing too many children to suicide, bullying related issues and senseless acts of violence.  Bound For Greatness is going the distance to help as many children as we can.  


Together we can keep children healthy and safe, change children's lives for the best, inspire students to aim higher, refrain from bullying and excel academically.  It takes a village to raise a child and we are doing it together.  Please be so kind to let us know what partnership option works best for you.


Our leadership objectives and goals in the schools and community are the following:


Children leadership, health and wellness, literacy, anti-bullying, character development, life skills, and academic achievement.

Student enrichment and improvement in schools and neighborhoods.

School leadership initiatives for children, parents and teachers. 

• Children's health, nutrition, fitness and wellness.

Parental involvement support, counseling, motivation, coaching, advice, leadership mentoring.

• Provide support for the homeless and disadvantaged students.

• Women empowerment, particularly battered women.


Our leadership program provides home cooked meals to the homeless.  We are very excited about this program.  Most importantly, the children and schools are ecstatic too.


Action Plan


D. West and former pro athletes speak to over 150,000 students on behalf of our participating partners.  The 

  topics of discussion are leadership, anti-bullying/cyberbullying, health and wellness, respect, diversity, making good choices and

  decisions, tolerance, integrity, character, conflict resolution, acceptance, discipline, anti-violence, peer pressure, life skills,

  career development, goal setting, anti-drugs, behavior management, gang prevention and teen relationship and dating

  violence.  We also make surprise celebrity guest appearances at schools to deliver free inspirational books and fitness books to

  disadvantaged children.


• We coordinate local internship opportunities for students (ages 10 - 18) at businesses, corporations, medical offices, and radio  

  and TV stations in our shadow an elite business professional leadership and career development program.  This is our Bound

  For Greatness Student Internship Program and Children's MD Internship - Doctor For A Day Program.


• Our celebrity Reading Is Cool Literacy Program gives away thousands of D. West's student leadership books and health, 

  nutrition and wellness books to students in schools.  Our book giveaway is possible because of our elite partners participation. 


This program afford children an opportunity to participate in our humanitarian feed the homeless initiative.

  We develop children from the inside out.  Selflessness, values, integrity, leadership, kindness, compassion, and unconditional

  love for self and others is essential.  Together we are changing children's lives, one child at a time.  Doctors, hospitals and

  medical offices receive positive exposure in the schools and community with a proven nationally acclaimed celebrity TV

  personality, motivator and elite Super Bowl Champions, former NFL players and pro athletes in various sports.  




• We would like to thank our partners on camera for helping us help children in schools and the community.


• We include your name and/or your company name in our local and national media press release regarding the children's

  leadership program that we are facilitating.  We also inform schools of your partnership support and possible internship 

  interview and career development kids internship opportunity at your office or corporation or medical center.


• We are including our business partners who care and doctors who care in our Founder and CEO's, D. West, feature youth

  enrichment TV profile story/biography that's being filmed for a major national TV network including Own TV and ESPN. 


• We would like for you to afford two students in the Bound For Greatness Program an opportunity to interview you in person.  

  The interview is a part of our Bound For Greatness children's career development internship program.  We believe students can

  gain valuable leadership advice and life lessons from you, first hand information that is not taught in school.  The interview is

  30 - 40 minutes.  It's a one camera shoot in your office.  We will coordinate the interview with you at some point during the



After you review our Get Fit Kid's Campaign, and Stop Bullying Tour program, be so kind and share it with other

  business professionals, colleagues, business owners, and friends.


If you are interested in participating, please email us your full name, title, company name, address, and phone number.  We will

place your company name and address or full name and address on the 100 Doctors Who Care About Children advertising page.  

You can forward a head shot with your email, we will add the photo to our 100 Doctors Who Care About Children photo page.


The host of the celebrity Get Fit Kid's Campaign and Stop Bullying Tour is Duane West, nationally acclaimed On-Air Motivational TV Personality, NBC TVHe was honored by the President's Office Of The United States for his work with children and accomplishments in sports and fitness.  D. West was also honored on national TV as America’s leading celebrity youth motivator, he appeared on the Oprah Show as well.  In elementary school, grades 1 - 5, D. West struggled with reading and writing, now he's an accomplished author and writer who reads to children inschools nationally from books he has written.  

From poverty, a special needs at-risk homeless student to a first generation college graduate, to motivational speaker, to fitness guru, to author and writer, to pro football player, to NBC TV On-Air Motivational TV Personality who inspires millions.


There is no celebrity children's leadership, health, wellness, empowerment, literacy, mentoring, career internship program (corporate, medical MD, TV broadcasting & magazine) and stop bullying program like this in the country.  We bring together elite business professionals, corporations, doctors, national television personalities, and elite professional athletes to help children in schools and the community. 


We are not asking for donations.  This is business name Ad website marketing on  All ad's support student leadership, anti-bullying, health & fitness, anti-drugs, literacy, respect, character, integrity, and career development programs.  With your marketing support, we provide free and discounted long term celebrity student leadership mentoring, assembly programs (grades K - 12), character enhancement workshops/seminars, career development training, behavior modification program support, bullying prevention programs, free educational books with the Bound For Greatness Reading and Writing is Cool Literacy Program, Get Fit Kid's - Stop Bullying Tour, and diversity workshops for schools on behalf of our business partners support.  Every dollar invested into our website marketing page is used in our educational student enrichment and enhancement programs.        


Registration is simplistic.  Click the contact us link, let us know what option you are interested in.  We will forward you an invoice on our business letterhead with the level of partnership participation of your choice.  And, in good faith, marketing ad's are frequently uploaded before we receive your payment.  Ad's are generally uploaded on the website within 24 - 48 hours of you joining us in a partnershipPlease make all checks payable to Pro Athletes, Inc. 



I look forward to working with you in a partnership.  If the two week partnership option is ideal for you that is awesome.  There are unlimited schools interested in this educational opportunity.  All levels of partnership support help children in schools.  If you have any questions, I can be reached at (404) 399-8805, my email is  Have an amazing day.


Best regards,


Bobby Jackson

New York Jets Hall of Fame

Florida State University Hall of Fame #40

President of National Leadership Programs


Get Fit Kid's

Stop Bullying Tour



New Jersey April 1 - August 30, 2017

Sponsored By


100 Doctors Who Care About Children

And Pro Athletes, Inc.

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