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Dear CEO/Business Leaders:


We need your partnership support with my national Bound For Greatness celebrity student leadership, wellness, and stop bullying tour.  D. West is a national on-air motivational television personality, formerly with NBC Universal Television, 10 years.  He worked with children, families in crisis, and battered women on television.  Please be so kind to call us this week.  


Our leadership programs are having unprecedented success in the schools, community and on TV.  For 24 years, D. West have used his personal savings to fund youth enrichment programs and tours and he bottomed out.  He was homeless in his car for over 8 months.  No one knew it because he never stop speaking to the kids.  He continued to tour the country motivating and encouraging thousands of students to excel academically and to do what they truly love and were passionate about.  The results have been absolutely astonishing: There is cheering, screaming, and standing ovations, some students and teachers are moved to tears of joy and hope.  They are saying it is a presentation that they will remember for a lifetime. 


Superintendents of Schools and principals are sending us feedback letters regarding the program.  We can only say, we are lost for words.  You have to read them.  From his parked car and sleepless nights to a powerful impact on the lives of our future leaders, children.  We never know what we are capable of achieving until we achieve the unthinkable.  We have never reached out to your organization for partnership support.  Today, we are reaching out to you because the schools and children need your help.       


Bullying has become a systemic issue nationwide, we are losing too many children to suicide, bullying related issues and senseless acts of violence.  This tour means a lot to us, it's personal.  Two teens we mentored long term, a 13 year old middle school student and a high school student were murdered.  Both students excelled academically in our Bound For Greatness Program.  We cannot bring the children we lost back, but we can help and save thousands of children, particularly children who are at-risk, in crisis and those who are being bullied.  Our tour is expected to reach well-over 100,000 students in person.  The tour is in honor of every child who lost his or her life to bullying related issues.    


We are starting at the top with you because you have the power to bring this program to fruition in your area.  Naysayers thought D. West was dreaming too big when he became a speaker because he wanted to help millions globally.  They are supporters now after seeing him on the Oprah Show and NBC Television inspiring millions.  His vision and mission to be a positive change agent, a difference maker in life is real.  D. West is not out to prove the naysayers wrong.  His focus is on solutions not what some believe is impossible. 


In return for your support, your company’s name will appear on our Businesses That Care About Children page.  

There will be positive media coverage: radio, major TV network, newspaper, magazine, and social media.  There will be Super Champs, current and former NFL/NBA players participating in some states.  Millions will be aware of the tour, thousands will be going to the website.  We will speak to over 100,000 students in person.  We would love to have 100 plus companies participating in your area.   



                     For Immediate References Regarding Our Programs E-mail



• Dr. Kenneth Hamilton, Superintendent of Mount Vernon City School District, 

• Dr. Garnell Bailey, Assistant Superintendent of Pleasantville Public Schools,

• Beverly B MacKay, Superintendent of Indian Hills Regional High School District,

• Lewis Benfatti, Principal, Hopatcong, NJ, and Former New York Jets player,

• Jeannie Holman, Supervisor of Instruction, Passaic Technical High School, NJ,

• Dr. Kevin West, Superintendent of Roselle Public Schools,

• Michael Piacenza, Assistant Director of Unity Charter School, NJ,

• Whitney Cohen, Anti-bullying Specialist, Lillian Steen Elementary School, NJ,

• Berthenia Harmon Carolina, Principal, School Number 23, Elizabeth, NJ,

• Captain Mallory Jones, Marshall Department, Augusta, GA,  

  Captain Jones was a guest speaker at our leadership program in Augusta, Ga.



Integrity, character, positive role model, high standards, moral conduct, tolerance, leading by example and honorable leaders skills are tangible characteristics that you expect from your employees.   Those are the standards and cardinal rules we live by and teach students in the Bound for Greatness Program.  While you are leading your company, creating growth and maximizing the results in the corporate world, we are using our celebrity influence to direct students toward academic leadership initiatives and higher achievement.  We are helping children maximize their full potential.  Most importantly, we are imparting in students all of the tangible characteristics that leaders like yourself use daily to win big in life.  Students learn life skills that are not being taught in schools and classrooms.  


We will close with this, life is a journey, our history follows us.  What we do and say is attached to us for life, it becomes our legacy both the good and bad.  D. West's personal journey and commitment in the community is a reflection of his dream: being a productive citizen for life, touching others in a positive way, providing support and relief to those in need, lifting up and inspire people like his grandmother did, being a part of global solution as opposed to the problems, helping children and people of all ethnicity tap into their maximum potential like his coaches, teachers and parents helped him.  That was a childhood dream he was passionate about, a dream he pursued and is living.  His body of work in life is a visual picture ofhis character, dreams, goals, spirit, soul, heart, love, passion, joy, faith and core values.  It’s not who is but it tells a story about the man he is and have become.  The children and parents will be elated when they hear about the opportunity you’re affording them.


America will see us doing our best to create positive outcomes for children in the community.  They will see dogged effort, planning and strategic action from people who care.  As long as we continue to try, keep knocking on doors, calling business leaders and walking cross-country for our children, we will open new doors of opportunity for them, opportunities we didn’t have when we were children.  This is more than a tour, it is a life mission.            


Together we can change children's lives for the best, inspiring students to aim higher, excel academically, and refrain from bullying.

We look forward to your company joining us in a partnership.  Have an amazing day.  


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