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        Pro 40 ALL Sports Camp



                                                      Boys & Girls













Pro 40 youth sports camp's primary focus is on leadership

development, character development, integrity and sports

training development for male and female student athletes,

ages 5 - 18.  We focus on the full development of each child,

the mental, psychological, physical, and emotional

development, not just athletic ability.      


Our youth sports camp is designed to improve children's

self-esteem, leadership skills, confidence, attitude, level of

focus, athletic skills and parents parental involvement

reinforcement strategies.  The goal is to help children

maximize their full potential on and off the field, help kids

become elite leaders in the community, champions in sports. 



Pro 40 Sports Camps build elite student athletes from the inside out.  That means, we start with respect.  No child steps on the field or participates until we address the importance respect: respect for self, parents, family, siblings, friends, teachers, coaches, adults, senior citizens, all people and the sport and or game which they play.  Greatness starts from within, it’s a mindset!  Success for most student athletes generally is not in pure athleticism and raw talent, it’s in their ability to make good choices and decisions in the game and in life.  Making good choices and decisions is a moral code we emphasize passionately throughout the day camp.  We want kids to go pro academically, to dream big, to become honorable sons, daughters and citizens in the world.  That's Pro 40! 




We have an inspirational presentation for parents and coaches at the end of the day camp.  It is a powerful lecture that you will remember for a long time.  One of the best aspects about the day camp for parents, they are able to relax, sit back and watch their children have fun as we encourage, inspire, adjust, guide, and assess each child’s movements, energy level, physical abilities, natural talents, attitudes, and listening skills during each drill and activity.  Parents are asked to stay for the full duration of the program, the one hour, two hours and half day if you can.    


Our professional staff of former and current professional athletes and elite motivational consultants guide student athletes toward success in sports, academics, in their homes, community and career fields, life.     




• Leadership

• Character

• Integrity

• Bullying and Hazing

• Making Good Choices and Decisions

• Goal Setting

• Sportsmanship and Teamwork

• Importance of Education

• Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Anti-drugs

• Respect




Our day camps are hosted on and off of school campuses and in recreational centers, YMCA's, and community parks.  The duration of our day camps are 1 hour, 2 hours and half day.  Summer Pro 40 Sports Camps are 1 hour, 2 hours, half day and full day.  


Proper athletic attire is required: sneakers, socks, t-shirts, comfortable shorts or sweat pants (loose fit), no jeans or hats.  If the program is on a grass field, please bring football or soccer cleats and a pair of sneakers. 




• Speed - short and long distance sprints

• Quickness 

• Flexibility & Stretching

• Technique - running, sprinting, jumping, exercising, jogging

• Coordination - feet, eyes, hands, back peddle, side to side shuffle, turn and run, and stop and go movements.





• Ages 5 - 6 

• Ages 7 - 9

• Ages 10 - 12

• Ages 13 - 14

• Ages 15 - 18




• High School - grades 9 - 12

• Middle School - grades 5 - 8

• Elementary - grades 2 - 4





Pro 40 Sports Camps are year round and can be tailored specifically for each target group, program, school, team, recreational center, YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, community center, sports team, AAU team, girls team, and age group.


You can also request our Pro 40 leadership and character development workshops and motivational seminars without the skill drill assessment and fitness workouts.  Please keep in mind, we have Pro 40 Sports Camps that are specifically designed for females.  It is ideal for all female sports including dance, cheer leading and gymnastics.    


Program facilitation and guest appearances by Super Bowl Champs, former NFL and AFL players, former WNBA players, Hall of Fame Athletes, and America’s leading celebrity youth motivator and nationally acclaimed on-air motivational TV personality, D. West.  We tape some of our programs so DVD copies of the program will be available for coaches, parents and athletes.


To host Pro 40 Sports Camps at your school, youth facility, community, YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, recreational center, pop-warner team etc., you should have a minimum of 10 students athletes registered in advance.  Please call us and ask to speak to Susan Curry, Vice President of Special Projects if you are interested in scheduling our program and/or a discounted fee schedule.


Our philosophy, let the kids play, allow the coaches to coach, the parents to be parents and fans, and Pro 40 to be your children’s inspirational leader.  Pro 40, a leader in youth character development and leadership.  Position your child for successful outcomes.   


Online long term life coaching, mentoring, leadership guidance and motivational support.  Position your children and students for success with America's elite professionals and nationally acclaimed motivators.  Character and Integrity Development!   


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