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Pro 40 All Sports Day Camp





Dear Athletic Director and Coaches,


Our national Spring and Summer Pro 40 All Sports Day Camp is coming to your area, May 1 - July 31, 2016.  The program is hosted by two elite former professional athletes, Bobby Jackson, the Former New York Jets Legend/All Time Jets Team Member, Florida State University Hall of Fame DB and Duane West, Former AFL Florida Bobcats pro football player, celebrity NBC TV motivational TV Star and fitness guru.  Schools can register students for our all sports day camp with this registration form.  Print the form, add the presentation date then give it to your students to take home to their parents. 


If you would be so kind, please review and share our celebrity health, fitness, and sports leadership program with your coaches, students, principal, and parents.  You can schedule the program during regular school hours and/or after school Monday - Friday and on Saturdays.        


Pro 40 All Sports camp's primary focus is on leadership development, character development, integrity and sports training development for male and female student athletes, ages 5 - 19.  We focus on the full development of each student, the mental, psychological, physical, and emotional development, not just athletic ability.  This is a non contact sports day camp.  The group motivational pep-talk is inspirational, breath taking.


Local newspapers and television stations CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox News frequently cover our celebrity leadership programs in schools.  We have TV news clips and news articles on the website for review.  There are also reference letters from schools, national television and the President's Office Of The United States.  Go to to view program information.  Get motivated, fit and inspired with America's leading celebrity youth motivator, D. West.     


Program Topics Of Discussion 


• Health, Fitness, Nutrition  • Leadership  • Character Development  • Anti-bullying/Cyberbullying  • Respect  • Tolerance  • Goal Setting

• Making Good Choices and Decisions  • Anti-drugs  • Discipline  • Acceptance  • Integrity  • Sportsmanship  • Importance of Education


The duration of the Pro 40 All Sports Day Camp is 1 hour, 2 hours, half-day, full-day.  We use the power of our celebrity influence to direct students toward academic leadership initiatives and higher achievement in the classroom and sports.  We enhance students leadership skills, improve students technique, and guide students toward productive roles in school and the community.  Work lead, empower, mentor, teach, encourage, motivate, and inspire. 


A minimum of 10 - 20 students is required to host the program.  The registration fee for each student is $50.  The Pro 40 All Sports Day Camp is ideal for parents who are interested in additional leadership support, character enhancement, anti-bullying reinforcement and elite sports training advice and assessment for their children.  Schools have said our motivational presentations were the best they have ever heard.  Youth leadership is our legacy.







Name of School                                                                                         Student's Full Name                                                                     


____________________________________________________                     ______________________________________________________________



Name of Coach or Athletic Director                               Date of Program        Parent's Full Name


__________________________________________       _____________         ______________________________________________________________



Parent's Signature                                                                                      Registration Fee


____________________________________________________                     _____________  (Money Order, Cashier Check, or you can Pay Online)



Parents if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or  We look forward to working with your children this year.  Pro 40 All Sports Day Camp is helping today's children go pro academically and in life!  We're inspiring children to aim higher.








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