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Inspire Me Program




Inspire Me - This leadership mentoring program is designed for the entire school.  We prepare students and educators for successful outcomes.  We motivate everyone in the building to work harder, to focus and refocus, to commit to academic goals and objectives 100% even when the body wants to slow down or shift into cruise control.  Most importantly, with urgency, we help students and teachers start and finish the year strong.  We steer students toward productive roles in school and the community.  

The program is ideal for schools and districts that have low budgets.  The primary goal of this long term program is to help schools and school districts provide additional educational support services for students, teachers, counselors, coaches, administrators and parents.  You can implement the program:


Inspire Me is ideal for school improving school climate,

enhancing teamwork, leadership skills, academic

performance, parental involvement, state testing and

connecting students, teachers, and parents to the overall

vision of the administrative teams goals and objectives.


D. West or Bobby Jackson, Former NY Jets will meet

with your target classes/student body inside a

classroom or area that has seats and

tables to accommodate the students.  The duration

of the school visit is 1 hour.  Each classroom visit is

5 - 10 minutes, time-on-task is not affected with

short inspirational lectures and pep-talks.

At the end of each session, our lead facilitator meets with the school’s program coordinator or the principal of the school.  We discuss program updates, give and receive feedback, review student progress, reinforcement needs, behavior management issues, conflict resolution strategies and initiatives, set new goals and plan curriculum for the following leadership session.    

All workshops are strategically planned in advance and placed on a syllabus.  We address your monthly target goals that are aligned with our program topics of discussion.  Our leadership topics of discussion will be facilitated from our curriculum teacher’s resource book “The Navigator”. 

The program is tailored for each school/district, city and youth organization.  Our lead facilitator meets with target student body biweekly.  The duration of the visit is 1 hour.

Program Topics of Discussion  

Leadership, Anti-bullying/Cyberbullying, Behavior Management, Making Good Choices and Decisions, Peer Pressure, Tolerance, Vandalism, Anti-violence, Anti-drugs, Diversity, Respect, Goal Setting, Discipline, Acceptance, Conflict Resolution, Health, Nutrition, Sports and Fitness, Career Development, Life Skills Enhancement, Gang Prevention & Intervention, Teen Relationship and Dating Violence, Integrity, Literacy, Hazing, Dropout Prevention and Intervention, Importance of Education

Early registration is required with our mentoring programs.  Our leadership mentoring discount rates are limited during the year.  If you have questions and, or are interested in the program, please email us at

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