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Dream Careers - This is a 3 month career development leadership program.  We address dream careers, the how to process to pursue and achieve dream careers in life.  The program focus on academic preparation for career opportunities: interview process, resumes for success, appropriate interview and work attire, moral and ethical standards, hygiene, importance of education, leadership skills, time management, goal setting, planning for success, tolerance, diversity, teamwork, focus, marketing, sales, management skills, entrepreneurship and customer service support.  Our Dream Careers program is for students in grades 2 - 12.




                                                                                               There are some corporate field trips to Fortune 500 

                                                                                               Companies with this program.  Schools are responsible for all

                                                                                               traveling expenses for the students corporate field trips.  Pro

                                                                                               Athletes, Inc. coordinates and schedules all the leadership field

                                                                                               trips for the schools.  We locate the companies, speak to the

                                                                                               corporate leaders regarding the student leadership trips and

                                                                                               schedule the trips for the schools!  There is a limited number of

                                                                                               students who are afford the field trip opportunity to corporations

                                                                                               with this program.  Please call us for all the details.


                                                                                                      Dream Careers frequently invites an elite business professional

                                                                                                or former professional athlete to one of our school visits to talk

                                                                                                to the students.  In addition, students in our program are afford

                                                                                                opportunities to meet elite CEO's, Presidents and Vice

                                                                                                Presidents and entrepreneurs of companies that they may not have an opportunity to meet during their career search.  They learn strategies from the best in business and elite career fields.  It's an inspirational experience that an immense number of students will remember for a lifetime.  Hands on business experience. 


The program is tailored for each school/district, city and

youth organization.  Our lead facilitator meets with your

target Dream Careers student body or school biweekly. 

The duration of each career development presentation is

30 minutes - 1 hour.  The school principal or Superintendent

of Schools or Curriculum Director selects the target student

body or classes for the program.


There is a discounted presentation fee for schools and 

school districts and cities.  Please email to review the fee



This program rate is limited.  All traveling expenses are

included in the discounted program fee.



You can implement Dream Careers the following months:

September - November, November - January, March - May, April - June If you have questions or are interested in the program, email us at This program special is ideal for proactive educational leaders and schools.

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