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Welcome to the D. West inspirational wellness club.  Our goal is to inspire you to live the best life you can.  We motivated, empower, encourage, coach, lead by example, inform, and offer success strategies that we have learned and use to achieve positive outcomes. 


We don't know it all nor do we claim to be experts with all the answers; however, many consider us the elite in our career fields.  If we can leave you with something positive that you can use, we have succeeded.  Get ready to work harder and wiser.  Your health is your life!  Take advantage of opportunities daily.

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                         Registration For Our Zoom Video Conference Call 

Please email us your full name, the company or school you are registered with and the email address you used to register for our celebrity Change Your Eating, Change Your Life Wellness Campaign.  We will email you the video conference link for the free conference call.  Click the contact us link at the bottom or email your information to  We look forward to seeing you!  Thank you for supporting our children leadership, anti-bullying program.  Have an amazing day.  



Stay fit for life.....

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