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Leadership; Anti-bullying; Character; Respect; Tolerance; Peer Pressure; Goal Setting; Integrity; Importance of Education; Discipline; Adapting To Change; Accountability; Teamwork; Life Lessons; Failure; Success Strategies; Time Management; Focus; Homelessness; Depression and Anxiety;

Self-love; Making Good Choices And Decisions; Overcoming Odds, Adversity and Challenges; Vision - Seeing One's Self In The Future; Thinking Positive; Aiming High; Dreaming of Success; Diversity; Citizenship.  

The Elite Six Celebrity Speakers

Derrick Lassic, Super Bowl Champ Dallas Cowboys; Bobby Jackson, New York Jets Hall Of Fame; Renee Kelly, Former Women's Pro Basketball Player; Muhammad Modeen Shamsiddeen, Seattle Seahawks RB; Larry Johnson, Former Vice President of IBM; Duane West, Nationally Acclaimed On-Air Motivational TV Personality, Founder and CEO of this program.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Four Celebrity Speakers

Derrick Lassic, Super Bowl Champ Dallas Cowboys #25 RB

Bobby Jackson, New York Jets Hall Of Fame #40 DB

Renee Kelly, Former Women's Pro Basketball Player

D. West, National On-Air Motivational TV Star, Formerly NBC TV

Two Elite Celebrity Speakers

Renee Kelly 

Former Women's Pro Basketball Player

Honored Legend In NCAA Women's Basketball 

Bobby Jackson, NY Jets Legend

Florida State University Football Hall Of Fame

Derrick Lassic, Super Bowl Champ 

Alabama University NCAA National Champion RB

National Bowl Game MVP RB #25

Inspirational Celebrity Leadership Speaker

The total running time of the Elite Six video is 1 hour and 38 minutes.  You will receive one video with all six speakers or 3 - 4 videos separated in segments.  We decrease the running time of the videos to 20 - 46 minutes each.  Our preview videos on the website are low resolution. Your purchased video presentation will be high resolution.  Please let us know how you would like your video emailed, as one video or in 3 - 4 segments.  Click the contact us link and send us an email regarding your student leadership video preference.  In addition, you can  order individual videos of our elite celebrity speaker's presentation.  Let us know what your preference is,


Please do not download or record the videos.  All presentations, copyright 2020.  No parts of the videos can be duplicated, videotaped, sold or audio recorded.  We appreciate you taking time to review our student leadership presentations.  Have a wonderful day! 

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