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Pro Athletes, Inc.

Dear Educational Leader, 


We are having unprecedented success with our student leadership programs, anti-bullying programs, mentoring programs, character development programs, and behavior modification programs in schools and on national TV.  We would like to bring our national celebrity Bound For Greatness student leadership program and Stop Bullying Tour to your school district and/or school this year.  Our celebrity leadership tour and Stop Bullying Tour is August 1 - November 3, 2017.  I hope your school district/school is able to participate in our celebrity Bound For Greatness leadership program and Stop Bullying Tour.  Please review our educational programs below on  Call me this week and/or before school starts:

1. Leadership Programs.
2. National Leadership Stop Bullying Tour, K - 12.
3. Mentoring Programs long-term (3 months, 6 months and full fiscal school year) . 
4. Character Development Program.
5. Behavior Modification Program.
6. Career Development Program.
7. Assembly Programs - Presentation topics of discussion are listed several paragraphs down and on


Youth violence and bullying has become a systemic issue in our schools and community.  We are losing too many children to suicide, bullying related issues and senseless acts of violence.  Please be so kind to forward this to your leadership team: Curriculum Director, Special Services Director, Anti-bullying Director, Special Education Director, Title I Director, Assistant Superintendent, Dean of Students, Disciplinary Director and Principals.  


For An immediate Reference Regarding Our Bound For Greatness Presentations, email the following Superintendents of Schools:


• Dr. Kimberly Schneider, Superintendent of Mercer County Technical Schools,, (609) 631-2102.

• Dr. Kevin West, Superintendent of East Orange Public Schools,, (973) 266-5760.

• Dr. Garnell Bailey, Superintendent of Pleasantville Public Schools,, (609) 383-6800 Ext. 2506.

• Dr. Richard Tomko, Superintendent of Belleville Public Schools,, (973) 450-3500 Ext. 1022.

• Ms Beverly MacKay, Superintendent of Ramapo Indian Hills Reg. High School District,, (201) 416-8100.

• Ms Cynthia Randina, Superintendent of Hopatcong Public Schools, crandina@hopatcongschools.or, (973) 398-8801.

Cleopatra Wingard, Principal at PS 11, Jersey City Public Schools (201) 915-6521.


There are video clips and news clips from NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox News.  There are also program reference letters, a bio, a video clip of a presentation, and news articles on this website.  The host of the celebrity leadership tour is Duane West, nationally acclaimed On-Air Motivational TV Personality (NBC TV).  He was honored by the President's Office Of The United States for his work with children and accomplishments in sports and fitness.  D. West was also honored on national TV as America’s leading celebrity youth motivator, he appeared on the Oprah Show as well.  


In elementary school, grades 1 - 5, D. West struggled with reading and writing, now he's an accomplished author and writer who reads to children in schools nationally from books he has written.  From poverty, a special needs at-risk homeless student to a first generation college graduate, 

to motivational speaker, to fitness guru, to author and writer, to pro football player, to NBC TV On-Air Motivational TV Personality who inspires millions. 


Program Topics of Discussion K - 12


• Leadership

• Anti-bullying/Cyberbullying

• Making Good Choices and Decisions

• Character Development 

• Respect

• Behavior Management

• Conflict Resolution

• Goal Setting

• Diversity

• Acceptance

• Tolerance

• Integrity 

• Discipline

• Life Skills Enhancement

• Anti-violence

• Anti-drugs

• Health, Nutrition, Sports and Fitness

• Career Development

• Literacy

• Vandalism

• Hazing

• Gang Prevention & Intervention

• Teen Relationship and Dating Violence

• Pep-talk to prepare students for state testing

• Dropout Prevention and Intervention

• Importance of Education


The program duration is contingent upon your school’s/school district’s goals, objectives, mission, and operating budget.  The duration of our program is 30 minutes, 1 hour, half-day and a full-day.


All schools are different in terms of their academic make-up, daily social problems and issues that challenge teachers, students, administrators, parents and counselors weekly.  Please review our topics of discussion carefully and then decide on the topics that are feasible for your school and/or school district.  If you are interested in specific topics of discussion from our presentation list, please let us know in advance.  We tailor our assembly programs to fit schools needs and specifications, grades K - 12.  For example: grades K - 2, 3 - 5, K - 5, 4 - 6, 6 - 8, K - 8, 9 - 10, 11 - 12, 9 - 12 etc.  


We use the power of our celebrity influence to direct students toward academic leadership initiatives and higher achievement in the classroom.  We engage students in the learning process, enhance students leadership skills, improve school climate and navigate students toward productive roles in school and the community.  We help schools minimize the social issues and behavior management problems that frequently occur.


If you are interested in reviewing our discounted fee schedule, e-mail me at  I would like to speak with you or a member from your leadership team regarding the program, if you would kindly give me call this week that would be greatly appreciated.  I look forward to speaking with you and/or a member of your team.  I can be reached at 404 - 399-8805.  Have a wonderful day.


Bobby Jackson 

New York Jets Hall Of Fame

Florida State University Hall Of Fame # 40

President of National Leadership Programs


D. West Receives National TV Honors

Honored on national TV for his outstanding work

with children, battered women, and families.


D. West's Feature Interview FOX News

Bound For Greatness National Celebrity Leadership, Stop Bullying Tour.  America's youth motivator.


D. West's Feature Interview ABC News

Bound For Greatness National Celebrity Leadership, Stop Bullying Tour.  America's leading youth speaker.


D. West Inspires Battered Woman

A battered woman wrote the show to thank D. West for saving her life from an abusive spouse.


D. West WGN TV General Motors

Person of The Week and General Motors

Minority Business of The Week.


D. West Playing AFL Pro Football #42

D. West is on the field doing what he loves, living a dream.  He became a pro player at age 31.

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