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Welcome to the celebrity Get Fit America fit for life campaign.  

It will be an honor to have you join our health and wellness

program.  Get Fit America is a 60 day wellness campaign

facilitated by Duane West, the nationally acclaimed On-Air

Motivational TV Personality.  D. West inspired millions on

NBC Universal-TV for 10 years.  He will make celebrity

guest appearances at corporations and businesses to help

business professionals with their health, nutrition and fitness

training programs (assessment, guidance, leadership, motivation).  


This is not the Biggest Loser weight loss challenge against

coworkers and friends.  This is a fit for life campaign.     


This program is in support of thousands who are battling cancer

and major health issues.  Get Fit America is a tangible solution

to the alarming health issues that plague our homes and

communities.  We can ward off heart disease, diabetes, obesity,

strokes, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and hypertension.  This is

a great start to good health. 


The goal of our national corporate wellness campaign is to

boost employee morale and improve working American's 

health nationwide, particularly today's women.  We want to 

help employees maximize their full potential in the workplace

and in life through positive thinking, positive attitudes, daily

exercise and healthy eating.  


Our 60 day corporate wellness campaign is life altering.  

You will receive the following:


• A Peak Performance - Change Your Eating, Change Your Life meal plan e-Book.

• A celebrity guest appearance by nationally acclaimed TV star, D. West (The first 15 businesses).

• Celebrity wellness advice, fitness tips, coaching, and support at your business location.

• Online coaching, motivation, and wellness guidance.


Our meal plan e-Book and fitness program will help your employees eat healthy

and reach their personal wellness goals.  Generally, when people feel good about

themselves they are more excited about their lives.  They are energized and

productive in more areas than one.  Most importantly, a healthy, efficient body is

able to produce high quality results.  We expect to inspire hundreds of business

professionals.  Success starts with a plan and action.  It starts with self-improvement,

a healthy lifestyle.  Get fit with America's elite celebrity motivational TV star.


D. West is moving from the television screen to your corporate building and 

business offices.  Ask D. West as many questions as you like about your wellness goals.  

Get Fit America participants can attend our motivational wellness lectures and group

counseling sessions at our office in the Atlanta area at no charge.  We have online support

services: nutritional coaching, wellness assessment, fitness advice, meal planning support,

and exercise programs.  Online support services with this special event are limited and

early registration is required.    


You can join our wellness campaign as an individual, business or corporation.  If there

is only one person in your office who is interested in losing a few pounds, excess fat and 

inches off the waistline and stomach, toining the full body or improving cardiovascular 

level and overall health, this is the ideal wellness program to help them achieve the goal.  


Click the contact us link and ask for our corporate shape and tone price schedule.  The

first 200 people who register can participate in our community enrichment pay-it-forward

program.  The pay-it-forward fee is discounted by almost half the regular registration fee.

Get Fit America starts September 2015.  

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