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Mentoring Program



This program is designed for schools/districts that have limited educational funding for student leadership programs.  It's for schools/districts that have a prodigious number of students who are at-risk, special needs, homeless, and disaffected. 


Our mission, help students who are falling short of their academic goals, guide students toward tangible solutions, reposition students for success in school and life. 


Thus, we are offering 5 - 10 schools/districts in North and Central Jersey our three month 25K mentoring program at a generous discounted rate, $5,000.  Our mentoring school special expires May, 2020.  If long term support is your goal, email Susan Curry, the Vice President of Special Projects.  Ask Mrs. Curry to place your school or school district on our "We Care Program Special" list.  

You pick the student leadership mentoring program that works best for your school or school district.  The mentoring program links are at the top of the page, click the link to review the program information:


• Project Impact Mentoring Program


                                                                                                                                          • Inspire Me Mentoring Program


                                   • Celebrity Ambassador Program

You can start as early as February 3, 2020.  Our school special is from February 2020 - April 2020.  If you start late we do not extend the special beyond April 2020.  If your school or school district is outside of Jersey, you can still ask Susan Curry if the program is offered in your area/state.  Have an amazing day, inspire your students to live their dreams. 


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