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Hello Business Leaders,


We want you to join our celebrity Bound For Greatness Get Fit Kid's health and wellness campaign and student Stop Bullying program.  Our partnership program is helping thousands of children in schools, the homeless, battered women, and disadvantaged people in the community.  The Founder and CEO is Duane "D." West, he worked on national television with NBC Universal-TV for 10 years as an On-Air Motivational TV Personality.  He inspires millions.  It will be an honor to have you join us.  


Our leadership objectives and goals in the schools and community are the following:


Children leadership, respect, health and wellness, literacy, anti-bullying, character development, and academic achievement.

• Support for the homeless (food and shelter), and the disadvantaged.

• Women empowerment, particularly battered women.

Community enrichment and improvement programs for the people and environment/neighborhoods.

School leadership initiatives for children, parents and teachers

• Community health, nutrition, fitness and wellness.

Family support, counseling, motivation, coaching, advice, leadership mentoring and parental involvement.


In 2014, Thomasville Heights Elementary School ranked worse than 100% of elementary schools in Georgia.  It also ranked last among 50 ranked elementary schools in the Atlanta Public Schools District.  Dobbs Elementary School ranked worse than 96.7% of elementary schools in Georgia.  It also ranked 39th among 50 ranked elementary schools in the Atlanta Public Schools District (  D. West lived in Thomasville Heights as a child, he attended one of the schools.  Today, he is a first generation college graduate and a published author.  He’s going back to help children achieve similar success and dream goals. 


United together as one, we can save thousands of lives, prepare children for successful outcomes and improve the health and quality of life of all people.  This program is about action, solution and saving lives in the community!  Our members are an elite group of positive people and leaders who genuinely care about children and people.  If community empowerment and youth leadership is important to you, we are sure, you will enjoy this program.  


Our partners name Ad’s will be on the site for a full year.  The partnership AD is 50 dollars for one year.  Please email us at  This program is possible because of your support.  Have an amazing day.












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