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The Bound For Greatness online student leadership program.  Our online educational workshops and presentations give students an opportunity to learn leadership strategies, life lessons, life skills, health and wellness and character enhancement from elite professionals in business and sports.  This is a long term educational leadership program, 3 months - full school year.  


Students are able to watch educational presentations and workshops that are designed to inspire them to take advantage of education and to value their lives and the lives of others in the community.  Each month there is a different topic of discussion.  Our celebrity online program affords students an opportunity to learn from the elite.  They hear success stories that they can proudly emulate.  Students can watch our videos presentations as many times as they like, particularly the videos that motivate them to live their dreams. 


Parents can utilize our positive programming in the home to reinforce what their child/children are learning in school and to reinforce core values, morals, respect, behavior, discipline, tolerance and leadership development.  It can also be used to decrease bullying and to help children who are victims of bullying.  Our programming format is designed to educate, encourage, empower, inspire, and motivate students to excel academically!  There's parental involvement support for families in crisis.    


We use the power of our celebrity influence to direct students toward academic leadership initiatives and higher achievement in the classroom.  We engage students in the learning process, enhance students leadership skills, improve school climate and navigate students toward productive roles in school and the community. 




Our mission is to support, uplift, encourage, enlighten, create health dialog and move students into better positions academically in class, the home and society.  We address students mental, emotional, physical, nutritional and social needs.




Our primary focus is student leadership and development, increased academic performance, goal setting, literacy, respect, character development, integrity, tolerance, behavior management, emotional and psychological development, career readiness, student safety and health and wellness.  Positive people, positive stories, positive energy, positive programming.  We offer solutions that encourage children to keep moving forward in life.  Students learn recipes of success.  We navigate students toward productive roles in school and society.  



• Leadership

• Anti-bullying/Cyberbullying

• Behavior Management

• Anti-violence

• Respect

• Tolerance

• Goal Setting

• Character Development

• Conflict Resolution

• Diversity

• Making Good Choices and Decisions

• Anti-drugs

• Gang Prevention & Intervention

​• Career Development

• Teen Relationship and Dating Violence

• Discipline

• Acceptance

• Integrity

• Life Skills Enhancement

• Literacy

• Dropout Prevention and Intervention

• Vandalism

• Importance of Education

• Peer Pressure

• Hazing

• Parental Involvement

• Health, Nutrition, Sports & Fitness



• Provide online student leadership workshops, mentoring, anti-bullying, character development, respect, goal setting, kindness,

  tolerance, integrity presentations.   

• Help students engage in learning at home.  Inspire students to excel academically and study more effectively, particularly

  disaffected students.

• Work closely with school counselors, administrators, social workers and school psychologist who are working with students affected

  by COVID 19 and,or who are challenged academically from the stress of COVID 19.  

• Help school principals manage emergency situation involving students and teachers who are in crisis (anxiety, stress, depression).   

• Invite our associates who are elite former NFL players and Super Bowl Champions to our online leadership workshops. 

• Provide online health, fitness, nutrition and meal planning advice for students, parents and teachers.

Millions of Americans are unemployed, families are homeless, children are hungry.  We can relate, D. West was homeless in the 6th grade.  He had hunger pangs from grades K - 6.  He stood in a food line at a church with his older brother, he received cheese and milk for dinner.  Not knowing if you are going to have food to eat during the day is traumatizing.  D. West had to study under those conditions.  Children are studying now, today, under similar conditions.  Having someone who has been where thousands of students are right now who they can relate to is essential.  West is a survivor.  He made it through tough times, the storm.  Hope is powerful!  I am certain we can deliver Hope to your students and teachers.  We have to make it through this storm.  We will beat the coronavirus.


D. West is fortunate to have an opportunity to inspire millions of children and adults on national television and in schools.  His celebrity influence and 29 years experience as a public speaker will be advantageous in keeping students safe, healthy and prepared for favorable outcomes in school and the community.  D. West overcame poverty, homelessness and a learning disability to become a first generation college graduate, an author, a pro football player, and TV personality.  He avoided gangs, drugs and criminal activity that plague his neighbor.  With dogged work ethic and determination, we truly believe, students can achieve the unthinkable!  Have the best year ever and please be safe! 

If schools close due to the coronavirus and transition to online learning, we can transition to our online program.  We will adjust our in-school programs to online education, leadership development, mentoring and anti-bullying presentations.


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