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  Motivational Speaker Tells Pleasantville Students

               Their Dreams Are Within Reach





   Feb 2, 2012.

   By SARAH WATSON Staff Writer






PLEASANTVILLE - The question to the seventh-graders Wednesday

morning at Pleasantville Middle School was simple but poignant: Who in

here has a home?


Nearly all students in the room raised their hands.  "I was that kid who

wouldn't raise his hand as a child," motivational speaker and former

professional indoor football player Duane West told the room.



West's message was part of a series of assemblies at Pleasantville Middle

School to mark the start of Black History Month. Among the lessons that

West, a Newark native, tried to impart to the students was what people

of color in previous generations lived through and to focus on their

dreams as a way to survive the struggles and challenges they face.


And as positive reinforcement and a special surprise to the students, two

former professional football plays, including former New York Giants wide

receiver Odessa Turner, were there to give autographs.


West told the students to ignore those who tell them that they are dumb

or worthless and to focus on the messages from people who believe in them.


"Be productive out there as a human being - make no excuses," he said.

"Every last one of you are winners. Every last one of you has the capability

to lead by example. But you have to live it."  Michael Wiggins, 15, of

Pleasantville, said West's message struck a deep chord in him because of his own struggles.  "I understand him because I lost my mom when I was young," Wiggins said. "He's saying to keep it moving forward, forget about the past, don't look back."


Lenae Grate, 14, of Pleasantville, said she learned a simple message.  "Become something of yourself and to stay in school. Don't mess around with the wrong people," she said.  Assistant Principal Jim Bonek said the idea for the talk was to help inspire and motivate students as well as kick off Black History Month.


"What I hope the kids understand is that anything is possible with hard work and determination," Bonek said. "It doesn't matter where you're from. It doesn't matter what background you're from. If you just focus your determination, anybody can succeed."  West said one of his goals for speaking to the students was to reach those who may be struggling with life and may feel like they are alone.


Eighth-grader Omar Wallace, 14, of Pleasantville, said he is an avid football player and had quit playing for a time because of injury. Hearing West's message, Wallace said, was a big inspiration.


"I have a hard life, but it's not as hard as his," Wallace said. "I have a single parent. We all play sports and I quit on myself before. ... After telling me not to quit, I'm determined now to stick in my sport and go somewhere."






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   Staff Writer

   Friday, Sept. 16, 2011



   Nearly 400 pupils packed Bayvale Elementary School’s cafeteria

   Friday afternoon as motivational speaker Duane West danced across

   the stage, shouting words of encouragement.


   Three Bayvale Elementary School pupils joined Duane West onstage for a

   demonstration about bullying during an assembly Friday afternoon.  “Leadership. Anti-bullying. Focus. Respect,” he said, with the

   pupils echoing each word.  West shared his life story, saying his dreams of going to college and playing football motivated him....






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    By Greg Gelpi

    Staff Writer

    Sunday, Feb. 24, 2008


    For most of his childhood, Duane West lived in a crime-infested

    New Jersey inner city where each morning he boiled water just

    to have a warm shower.



    But he learned to survive, persevere and overcome adversity. As

    a high school freshman, he stood at 5-foot-2 and weighed 120

    pounds, yet he earned a starting job on the football team and

    later played professionally....




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