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Hotel Partnership 






Dear General Manager,


I need your partnership support with our celebrity Bound For Greatness community enrichment student leadership, violence prevention and stop bullying program in the schools.  The celebrity host of the tour is Duane West, nationally acclaimed On-Air Motivational TV Personality.  He inspires millions on NBC Universal-TV and in the schools/community.


I would like one complimentary room for Duane West.  If you would be so kind, please provide 4 or 5 nights complimentary room for Mr. West.  We will email you the dates that we are interested in, if the dates are not available and/or are during your peak business period we will try back at a later date.  We coordinate around your schedule. 


The primary goals of the student tour are to keep children safe, stop bullying, and help children become future leaders. Beverly MacKay, Superintendent of Ramapo Indian Hills High School District, NJ said, “I can assure you that your presentation to our juniors and seniors at both high schools not only captured their attention but also delivered one of the most powerful messages we have ever seen in a student assembly.”  


The Bound For Greatness student leadership and anti-bullying program is the leading celebrity program in America. We are having unprecedented success!  Several feedback letters are on this page for your review.        


Your hotel will be added to our hotel website marketing partnership page for a full year.  D. West will sign autographs for your staff.  You can view our NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox TV interviews on the site.  We will e-mail you this information on our company letterhead if you need it for your records.  Please click the contact us link and ask us to e-mail you the information on our company letterhead or in a standard email message.  Have an amazing day.  We look forward to working with you and your staff.

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