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Dear President:

I contacted your office personally, because I would like you to participate in my Feed The Children Campaign.  Children and families are not eating three meals a day, some children/families are not eating healthy meals at all.  Children in poverty are going to bed hungry and waking up hungry.  The coronavirus is causing massive physical, emotional and mental stress, particularly to disadvantage children and communities.  We need your support.  I am doing my best to feed children in forgotten cities and communities.  I am the lone reporter in the community. 


Respectfully, I'm not asking for a donation.  In return for your support, I will promote your company on as the company that sponsored the Feed The Children Campaign.  Companies can use marketing online budgets to participate or purchase my self-help book "Affirm The Positive" for your company employees or my meal plan book "Peak Performance - A Healthy Diet" for your employees or for children.  All of the proceeds go toward the purchase and delivery of food to children in poverty.  Pro Athletes, will forward you an invoice for tax purposes.  I do not have a 501-C3 company.  If you prefer to donate that is a viable option.  Whatever is feasible for your company.   


Time is not on the children's side.  They need food now!  I need your company to help me as expeditiously as possible.  I am on the phone speaking with corporate leaders directly.  I am driving to grocery stores to pick up food.  I am walking door to door in poverty stricken communities to see how many people need food, how many children, senior citizens, and families are in need.  I am cooking and preparing food on my own.  I am filming and editing this program alone.  I cannot do this without your support


This is a special request!  If you have an online registration process, respectfully, please waive it for the Feed The Children Campaign.  The online process is time consuming.  An immediate yes to participate or a 24 hour review with a response would be vert helpful.        


With your support, I can immediately purchase food, prepare food and cook healthy meals for hundreds of children in poverty, the inner-cities.  I will be hand delivering the food in poor neighborhoods.  I'm filming this process because it will inspire people to commit to worthy cause in the community.  I appreciate your support, time is of the essence.  If you can ask the President or Vice President of Operations to join me in this campaign it would be greatly appreciated.  With urgency, I need companies to join me in minutes and hours as opposed to weeks/months.

There are videos of the program below and on the home page.  Please take several minutes to review the videos.  I look forward to speaking with you today.  Let me know what your are able to do.  Thanks in advance for participating.  Have an amazing day.


Best regards,


Duane West 

National On-Air TV Personality

CEO of Pro Athletes, Inc.

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