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     National Leadership, Wellness, Stop Bullying Tour




If you are reading this, I am on the phone with you.  I need your partnership support with our national celebrity Bound For Greatness children's leadership, wellness, stop bullying tour.  The primary goals of the youth tour are to keep children safe, stop bullying, help children become future leaders.  The mission is to improve children's academic performance, health and expose youth to elite business professionals who are successful.  We want to give children an opportunity to model success strategies from people who are leaders in their career fields and communities.


It would be an honor to have 2 teens interview you on our youth empowerment talk show during a corporate career field trip to your company/office.  Click the MTV video at the bottom of the page.  You will see a brief clip of our corporate Teen Focus TV interview with the Vice President of Diversity at MTV.  TFT is a youth empowerment TV show for children.  Teen Focus TV & Magazine is positive programming and editorial development for today's children.  The focus is education, career development, character enhancement, integrity, self-improvement, life skills, respect, health and fitness, mentoring, community enrichment, peer mediation, sportsmanship, teamwork, family and accountability.   


There will be news coverage, TV and radio.  Fox News interviewed us last year during the tour.  You can view one of the Fox News interviews on this page.  We will add the name of your business and, or company to our Youth Partners page this month. 



Bound For Greatness Partnership Options



• You can join us in a partnership as an individual: We have a 

  Difference Makers section, it’s everyday people who support

  the Bound For Greatness student leadership programs in the

  community and schools. 


• Small Business Partners: Proactive businesses that support the

  Bound For Greatness student leadership, wellness and

  anti-bullying programs.


• Corporate Partners and Official Sponsors: The official partners of the

  Bound For Greatness leadership, wellness and anti-bullying programs.



The host of our tour (Duane West) will call and ask you if you are joining us in our national youth leadership, wellness, stop bullying tour.  It takes a village to raise one child!  Bound For Greatness, changing and saving children's lives in the community and schools. 

Celebrity Leadership, Wellness, Stop Bullying Tour.  Fox News Interview. 

Teens Interview The Vice President of 

Diversity at MTV in New York City. 

D. West Inspires Homeless in Atlanta.

Hope, unconditional love, compassion.


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