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Inspirational TV And Educational Programming

Positive People, Positive News, Positive Stories, Positive Energy, Positive Programming

D. West Live

                                  is update news.  D. West speaks live about current events and things he's facilitating to help people.  There are inspirational messages, video clips, and weekly news updates of what D. West is doing which includes children leadership campaigns, school programs, special events, KIDS corporate internships, health and wellness, community enrichment programs, support for battered women, and corporate partnership initiatives that support children and the homeless nationwide. 



Student Leadership, Motivation, Life Skills, Career Development Field Trips, Feature Profile Iinterviews By Elite Business Professors And Former Pro Athletes, Fortune 500 Company Internship TV & Magazine Program.  If you are interested in registering your school, email us and or call.  There's a contact us link at the top and bottom of the page.

Students Interview At MTV


Rosalyn O'Neale, Executive Vice President of Diversity MTV  

D. West Student TV, Magazine Internship Program, ages 10 - 17

Online Motivation & Leadership

D West TV Online Student Leadership Program is an inspirational, empowerment student TV broadcasting program. Our online broadcasting network gives students an opportunity to learn leadership strategies, life lessons, life skills, career development, health and wellness and character enhancement knowledge from elite educators, business professionals, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, professors, pro athletes, CEO's, Presidents of Fortune 500 Companies, authors etc.  


Students are able to watch educational interviews in their classrooms, group workshops, individually and in large team building sessions.  They hear success stories from leading speakers nationwide which includes corporate leaders, elite educators, pro athletes, and TV personalities.  Each month there is a different feature story or interview.  Our celebrity online program affords students an opportunity to learn from the best.  They hear ten or more success stories that they can proudly emulate.  Students can watch our educational feature stories as many times as they like, particularly the stories that motivate and inspire them. 


Parents can utilize our positive programming in the home to reinforce what their child/children are learning in school and/or to reinforce core values, morals, respect, behavior, discipline, tolerance and leadership development.  It can also be used to decrease bullying and to help children who are victims of bullying.  Our show format is designed to educate and reform bullies, stop bullies from bullying!  There's parental involvement support on the show for children and families in crisis.    


We use the power of our celebrity influence to direct students toward academic leadership initiatives and higher achievement in the classroom.  We engage students in the learning process, enhance students leadership skills, improve school climate and navigate students toward productive roles in school and the community.  This is a long term online leadership program.





Our mission is to support, uplift, encourage, enlighten, create health dialog and move students into better positions 

academically, in the home, and society with positive media programming and support from elite professionals whom 

achieved success in various areas in life.  Our broadcasting leadership programs encourage students to excel academically. 




Our primary programming focus is self-help and personal development: Inspirational stories, stories of adversity and some stories of those who have failed in life but are sharing their story to help others avoid similar shortcomings. Children's health, academic performance, leadership skills, literacy, character development, life skills, tolerance, behavior, emotional and psychological development, career readiness, goal setting, and safety are top priorities on our programming agenda.  


Our slogan, positive people, positive stories, positive energy, positive programming.  We offer solutions that encourage children to keep moving forward in life.  We have interviewed some amazing people who have overcome serious challenges to achieve success.  Students learn recipes of success.  Our programs navigate students toward productive roles in school and society.  


Most importantly, students gain tangible knowledge from each programming segment.  It is a great program to incorporate into lessons plans and writing assignments.  We feature 1 - 2 profile stories a month.  Your students can write to us and share their stories.  We give some students an opportunity to participate in our celebrity TV, magazine kids internship program.  Children in our youth internship program are invited on corporate field trips as co-host TV personalities and journalist.  They interview CEO's, Vice Presidents, elite doctors, TV personalities, NFL executives and players, authors, and radio personalities with D. West.  There is no celebrity inspirational online student leadership program like D West TV in the country.  We afford students once in a lifetime opportunities.  There is a Lock Down with D. West trailer below which is designed specifically for disaffected students. 





• Leadership

• Anti-bullying/Cyberbullying

• Behavior Management

• Anti-violence

• Respect

• Tolerance

• Goal Setting

• Character Development

• Conflict Resolution

• Diversity

Making Good Choices and Decisions

• Anti-drugs

• Life Skills Enhancement

• Gang Prevention & Intervention

​• Career Development

• Teen Relationship and Dating Violence

• Discipline

• Acceptance

• Integrity

• Literacy

• Dropout Prevention and Intervention

• Vandalism

• Importance of Education

• Peer Pressure

• Hazing

• Parental Involvement

• Health, Nutrition, Sports & Fitness


There is unlimited access for students.  Teachers can facilitate assignments to as many students as they wish on our educational programming page.  Please email us for programming fees, click the registration link.  Get motivated and inspired with D. West, the leading celebrity youth motivator.   

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