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Celebrity Ambassador Program


                Bound For Greatness Celebrity Ambassador Leadership Program



We assign a celebrity personality to a school or school district for 4 months or a full year.  Our educational leader addresses leadership, anti-bullying, character development, respect, behavior management, conflict resolution, goal setting, studying, disaffected students, tolerance, gang prevention, making good choices and decisions, anti-drugs, anti-violence, health and wellness, diversity, peer pressure etc.   

We offer a discount with this program.  Our celebrity ambassador program is a special leadership program for students in grades 3 - 12.  All workshops are flexible, you can change the program topics and agenda to accommodate your goals. 


Our celebrity ambassador is an exclusive motivational facilitator on school campuses and in school districts nationally.  We tailor our program to meet each schools academic goals and needs.  You pick your target audience and the topics of discussion from our list of topics and we facilitate the supportThe program is hosted by Duane West, the Nationally Acclaimed On-Air Motivational TV Personality and Former AFL Pro Football Player.  Bobby Jackson, New York Jets Hall of Fame is also a celebrity leadership ambassador.  There are target options below. 


Target Audience Options


• At-risk students, disengaged/disaffected students, disadvantaged

  students and schools, low achieving students, students residing in

  single parent households, homeless students, students involved in

  gangs or gang related activity.  

• Title I schools, Alternative schools, Charter Schools, inner-city

  schools, rural schools, school districts/schools with  low budgets,

  poverty stricken districts, students with lack of respect and tolerance

  issues, anger management issues, and behavior issues.

• Classrooms grades 3 - 12 that need leadership mentoring and

  support and or life skills and character development.  

• Schools interested in mentoring programs and bullying prevention

  and intervention programs.  

• A select group of 5 - 10 students or for four classrooms that need a

  motivational boost or inspirational pep-talks to help students

  maximize their academic performance.

• School districts and schools have the flexible option to use our

  celebrity ambassador program to improve parental involvement

  support and initiatives in the home and school.  There is motivation

  for students, teachers, parents,  coaches, and administrators.


Program Duration

• The program is 4 months (full fiscal year).  All discounted programs have flexible programming time schedules.

• There are a total of eight biweekly 1 hour visits at a school and sixteen 30 minute weekly visits at some schools.

• Some schools have the option to choose weekly 30 minute visits.  Weekly visits are limited with this program.


We use the power of our celebrity influence to direct students toward academic leadership initiatives and higher achievement in the classroom.  We navigate students toward productive roles in school and the community.


The primary goal of this program is to help students achieve their academic goals.  Improving school climate is at the top of our priority list. Social media and reality TV are redirecting thousands of students from their priorities and studies.  Our leadership programs are guiding students toward dream goals, tolerance, respect, community enrichment service,  and higher education.     

If you are interested, please e-mail Susan Curry, Vice President of Special Projects at

Discount Fee Schedule
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