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Bound For Greatness






Dear Educational Leader,


I would like to speak with you regarding our celebrity Bound For Greatness leadership programs, anti-bullying program, behavior modification program, long term mentoring program, online program, self-help books and national leadership, anti-bullying tour, May 1 - July 31, 2016.  America's leading celebrity youth motivator is the Founder and CEO of Pro Athletes, Inc. and Bound For Greatness.    


We are having unprecedented success with our leadership, anti-bullying, behavior modification, alternative education, wellness, character development, and mentoring programs in schools, grades K-12 and on national television.  Please review and share our celebrity leadership programs with your leadership team: the directors of curriculum, special services, bullying prevention, drug awareness, Title I, disciplinary administration, alternatives schools, health, fitness, sports and wellness, and the principals.


I'm coordinating our 2016 - 2017 leadership presentations, assembly programs, anti-bullying workshops and bullying prevention mentoring programs, character development programs, online programs, and teacher and parent leadership workshops.  We would like for you to consider our Bound For Greatness educational leadership programs for the 2016 - 2017 fiscal school year.


Local newspapers and television stations CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox News frequently cover our celebrity leadership programs in schools.  We have TV news clips and news articles on the website for review.  There are also reference letters from schools, national television and the President's Office Of The United States.  


Our CEO is Duane West, the nationally acclaimed On-Air, Motivational TV Personality.  As an exclusive NBC Universal-TV On-Air Motivational TV Personality, he addressed bullying, behavior management, youth in crisis, drugs, violence, diversity, health and wellness, teen dating violence, STD’s, gang activity, teen pregnancy, obesity, importance of education, and disaffected youth.  


Mr. West was honored on national TV as America’s leading celebrity youth motivator.  He was also honored by the President’s Council On Physical Fitness And Sports for his work with children and accomplishments in sports.  Mr. West has appeared on the Oprah Show and in several national magazines.  West is a former AFL pro football player and an author of over 15 books (education, self-help and fitness).  From poverty, a special needs, at-risk homeless student to first generation college graduate, to per diem school teacher, to fitness guru, to motivational speaker, to author, to pro football player, to NBC TV Star.        


Program Topics Of Discussion  


• Leadership

• Anti-bullying/Cyberbullying

• Behavior Management

• Health, Nutrition, and Fitness

• Respect

• Tolerance

• Goal Setting

• Character Development

• Conflict Resolution

• Diversity

• Making Good Choices and Decisions

• Anti-violence

• Anti-drugs

• Gang Prevention & Intervention

• Career Development

• Teen Relationship and Dating Violence

• Discipline

• Acceptance

• Integrity

• Life Skills Enhancement

• Literacy

• Dropout Prevention and Intervention

• Vandalism

• Importance of Education

• Peer Pressure

• Hazing

• Parental Involvement 


The duration of our educational program is contingent upon your needs, objectives and programming budget.  Our workshops and assembly programs are 30 minutes, 1 hour, half-day, full-day, 5 months and the full school year.  


We use the power of our celebrity influence to direct students toward academic leadership initiatives and higher achievement in the classroom.  We engage students in the learning process, enhance students leadership skills, improve school climate and navigate students toward productive roles in school and the community.  Our programs help schools minimize the social issues and behavior management problems that frequently occur on and off campus.  


If you need a fee schedule to review, please e-mail us at or from the contact us link below.  We look forward to speaking with you.  Have an amazing day and the best year ever.






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