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• Terry Trigg-Scales, Educational Consultant, Community Leader, New Jersey                                 


• Bobby Jackson, New York Jets Hall of Fame, Business Professional/Leader, New York


• Devon Scott, Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, Actor, New York City, NY


• Dr. Carla Kendall, Educational Leader Palm Beach Schools, FL


• Sean Townes, Entrepreneur, Business Professional, New Jersey


• Mark Larkins, Elite Business Professional, Former US Federal Prosecutor, New Jersey


• Dr. Kenneth Hamilton, Educational Leader, Superintendent of Schools, New Jersey


• Dwayne Eberhart, Business Professional, Pop Warner Coach/Leader, Atlanta, GA


• Michelle Tennant, Business Woman, New York City, New York


• Dr. Garnell Bailey, Educational Leader, Superintendent of Schools, New Jersey


• Terrence Thomas, Business Executive, Entertainment Manager, New Jersey


• Talven Pearsell, Education, Department Chairperson, Teacher, MA


• Velvet Rogers, Entrepreneur, Business Woman, New Jersey


• Joel Kelly, Business Professional, Entrepreneur, Inspirational Leader, VA


• Sawn Buchanan, Law Enforcement, Community Leader, GA


• James Townes, Elite Entrepreneur, Family Man, New Jersey


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