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Bound For Greatness Celebrity

Leadership Mentoring Program

How Does The Program Work?




The Superintendent of Schools or district's Director of Curriculum, and/or Principal at a school identifies a specific target student group, school, grade level or class for our celebrity Bound For Greatness Leadership Program.


The Superintendent of Schools or District Director of Curriculum or Principal and/or school district's educational leadership team coordinates a logistic confernce call or meeting with Duane West, President of Pro Athletes, Inc. or Bobby Jackson, Former New York Jets Legend to discuss the program in full and to finalize the goals and objectives for the targeted student body and school.


An internal staff meeting is held to discuss the program goals and mission in detail and the school's and/or

  school district's partnership with the celebrity Bound For Greatness Leadership Program.


An action plan and strategy plan are developed for the program.  The theme and leadership topics of

  discussion are written in detail and shared with the faculty at the school.


A coordinator and/or teachers are officially assigned to coordinate the program.  Their role, level of

  expectations and participation with the leadership initiatives are discussed and documented in writing.


Support for the BFG program and professional courtesy by the entire school staff is written or verbally

  communicated to all staff members and the faculty before the program is implemented.


A program syllabus is created by our staff for the leadership program.  D. West meets with the

  coordinator of the program and/or speaks to him or her via conference call several days or weeks prior to the

  programs start date.  Program specifics are discussed, workshop dates are scheduled, activities are planned,

  reinforcement support by staff and parents are mapped out and the final syllabus is developed.


  You are ready to start your Bound For Greatness Program. 


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