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Online Leadership Support

Aim Higher


The Bound For Greatness online "Aim Higher Leadership Mentoring Program" is ideal for schools and school districts that are interested in long term student leadership mentoring and character education development. 

We address students' social emotional, psychological, mental, nutritional, physical and academic needs. 


Each school can enroll 200 - 400 students in our bi-weekly Aim Higher.  Each day of the week, Monday - Friday, has a specific topic of discussion assigned to it.  We start on time at the designated start time that is listed next to each day of the week.  Our workshops are recorded and available 24 hours a day.  If students are not able to view our live presentations they can watch the recorded workshop as many times as they like.  


Schools pick one day of the week from our five day Aim Higher programming list.  Take your time when reviewing the day of the week and our topics of discussion.  Each school chooses the topic of discussion that aligns with its academic goals, mission and objectives.  The duration of our celebrity workshops are 20 - 45 minutes with a 15 minute Q & A.  Please keep in mind, we may have 10 - 100 plus schools participating in the program at the same time.  You can choose our 3 month, 5 month or full fiscal school year program. 


The goal of our Aim Higher Mentoring Program, inspire as many students as we can to engage in education while studying and learning from home.  Our Mission: be a leader in educational solutions which help children adapt, grow, and excel academically during one of the worlds most lethal pandemics in our lifetime.

Aim Higher Bi-weekly Workshops


Monday - "Reading and Writing Is Cool, Monday"    Start Time 9 AM

   This workshop reinforce the importance of reading and writing and the power of literacy.  Students write and read

   books they are passionate about during our online workshops.  They learn how to become authors, writers, self

   publishers and book illustrators.  Students learn from authors and book illustrators during our online lectures.  We

   expose students to business professional that they generally will not meet in school or the classrooms.  

Tuesday - "Super Bowl Tuesday", (Stop Bullying/Respect)     Start Time 9 AM

   This workshop is facilitated by Derrick Lassic, Super Bowl Champion Dallas Cowboys and D. West, the

   Nationally Acclaimed On-Air Motivational TV Personality.  The primary focus of the presentations are 

   Anti-bullying, Respect, Tolerance, Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Peer Pressure, Anti-drugs, Accountability.

Wednesday - "Inspirational Wednesday"     Start Time 10 AM

   We facilitate inspirational presentation, share profound stories of overcoming adversity and obstacles to achieve 

   success.  We invite guest speakers in business and sports to share their success stories of resilience.  Our guest and

   celebrity program host share their positive approach to reaching dream goals, career goals, business goals, and

   community enrichment goals, and educational goals.  Inspirational Wednesday is an inspirational hour of positive

   energy, positive people, positive thinking, positive stories and dogged action to achieve dreams. 

Thursday - "Goal Setting Thursday", Create Positive Outcomes     Start Time 9 AM

   We help students set goals in school, life, career, family, sports, community, studying, the arts, time management, 

   social life, health and fitness, nutrition and all aspect of their lives.  Goal Setting Thursday is in place to position

   students for positive outcomes in the classroom and the community.  We help children live their best lives.

Friday - "Who Am I", Super Friday    Start Time 9 AM

   This workshop focuses on the following: self-understand, self-esteem, self-awareness, self-love, self-improvement,

   self-belief, vision, integrity, making good choices and decisions, self motivation, self empowerment, and attitude

   We help students discover purpose and self-worth, most importantly, we help students understand who they are

   and what their mission is in life.  

If you are interested, email Susan Curry, Vice President of Special Projects.


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